Vintage jute banners, it is a good decorative idea.

Sometimes we tend to throw away burlap bags after using their contents. But we do not know how useful these jute bags can be. In fact, these jute bags could serve us to ideally decorate our party places and why not the interior of our houses. Among several jute models for decoration that were offered to us in the market, only three seduced us to enter our selection.

Daorier 4-piece vintage jute banner flag

Designed exclusively to serve as decoration during the ceremonies of your wedding, this jute bag pennant is what you need to make your wedding venue more enjoyable.Composed of a string stem with 13 pieces of flags, this banner measures approximately 2.8m long from flag to approximately 6.69 inches and 17 cm.Very sturdy and pretty for a perfect decoration, this decoration tool can be easily folded and unfolded and can also be used for all other celebrations.

KATOOM Garland jute pennant.

Made with burlap, this 50-piece garland in a classic color with an am tone Soft brown ring and fitted with a 12 m string is all you need to complete the decoration of your wedding or birthday venue.Best of all, these triangle bunting can easily be combined with any decoration to change its look and feel.turn it into a magical landscape. Jeteven Vintage Burlap Sign Garland. If you are looking for garlands to decorate a holiday party room To please your kids, consider this 36-piece vintage banner. Made of treated burlap and fitted with 8m rope, this banner can be used to decorate the interior or exterior for a Christmas or birthday party for your children.

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