The great return of decorative panels in the living room!

Slowly abandoned in favor of painting or wallpaper as it was considered outdated, panels have been neglected in recent years. However, in recent months, more and more French people have once again been tempted by this material which, in fact, offers many unique advantages. That's why, through this special report, we wanted to take a closer look at return of the panels in the living room . Forget the traditional you knew, as manufacturers have modernized to offer updated materials that can enhance your home with a particularly striking charm.

Modernized panels for an elegant and contemporary living room

Forget the old curly panels They were installed en masse in houses and gave a feeling of suffocation since then, this The material has changed a lot, and this is not to displease. Manufacturers like Silverwood develop ultra-modern products that will offer your living room an elegance that will not leave anyone indifferent. Whether in terms of colors or even printed patterns, you are sure to find the decorative panel pattern that suits you best.

What is especially interesting is also the fact that traditional frieze cladding has given way to a high-quality cladding, designed to last over time without lose your elegance. From panels in weathered wood tones to decorative panels in pastel tones, you will now find a wide range of models available, which will allow you to give your living room an exceptional charm. In addition, in addition to its certain decorative interests, decorative coatings also offer certain economic interests, so in the end, you can only be fully satisfied that you have opted for the installation of a decorative panel in your home. living room.

All the advantages of panels in the living room

If the panels have returned with such force in recent months, it is also because it will allow you to make significant savings in various items of expenses. First of all, your purchase is still very affordable , and compared to good quality wallpaper or even wall paint, the price difference is almost negligible. Not to mention the fact that installing panels on the wall is an extremely simple task that doesn't require great technical mastery, saving you from having to call in a craftsman or spend entire days doing this job.

In addition, panels, like all wood-based materials, have excellent insulating properties . In fact, you will be able to maintain the temperature in a room with extreme efficiency, saving you money on heating in winter. It is also these insulating properties that allow decorative panels to once again occupy a central place, since, for the moment, it is simply the only material of its kind capable of developing such performance.

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