How to choose your gas iron?

She is the big star of the summer and seems to be breaking the bank at the charcoal barbecue. With the heat, this kitchen utensil allows many families to eat in their gardens or on their terraces, while enjoying the good weather. It is also the ideal tool when you want to cook quickly for a large number of people. In addition, this kitchen utensil guarantees quality cooking, because it preserves all the flavor of your food. It's safe to say that this kitchen appliance combines the useful and the pleasant. It is for all these reasons that the gas griddle is very popular in homes and even elsewhere. If, like many people, you want to buy this kitchen utensil, you should know that there are several models. The question of choice arises. How to choose a gas grill among all the models on the market? To do this you must take into account certain criteria such as the material of the plate, its power, the number of burners, the surface reserved for cooking and also the maintenance … Taking these criteria into account will allow you to easily choose the best plate .

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The material of the hob of your gas griddle

One of the Criteria that must be taken into account when buying a gas grill is the material with which your hob is made. Cooking. This criterion should even be the first, because it will affect budget and maintenance. The griddle cooktops are made of various materials. We have enameled cast iron, stainless steel, enameled steel, cast aluminum plates.
  • enameled cast iron plates are excellent quality. They are very resistant to oxidation. Thanks to the presence of cast iron and also steel, these plates are made to distribute heat efficiently. In addition, your food does not stick and will keep all its flavor. However, if you want to have an iron with an enameled cast iron plate, you need to make sure that the enamel is of good quality. As a drawback, it should be noted the fragility of these plates. In fact, if they are used frequently, they will not last. For this reason, we recommend them for people who will not use them much. Another important detail is the heaviness of these plates, which is due to the cast iron used in their manufacture.
  • As for the plates in stainless steel , You have to start by saying that they are the most expensive. This high cost is the result of the high quality of these plates. As proof of this quality, it must be said that stainless steel dishes are a chef's favorite. Apart from their aesthetic side, they are very durable and do not rust. Stainless steel plates also have the advantage of distributing heat evenly. This results in all the food being cooked evenly. Unlike enameled cast iron plates, these can be used frequently due to their strength. As a disadvantage, it must be said that stainless steel plates conduct less temperature than enameled cast iron.
  • Regarding enameled steel plates , their first quality is good. good its high resistance. Thanks to the enamel, they are preserved from oxidation. Also, this plate heats up very quickly; this guarantees quick cooking.
  • The cast aluminum plate , on the other hand, will remind you of a frying pan. It is robust and lightweight. Like the stainless steel plate, it will not rust. Therefore, it can be safely used as outer plate . It cools down as fast as it heats up.

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What are the characteristics of these different hobs?

When choosing your gas griddle , you also need to make sure your plate is big enough for you and powerful enough. But you also have to make sure that it leaves you enough space in your kitchen.

The power and the number of burners on the gas griddle

One of the reasons people flock to the gas griddle is, in particular, its cooking speed. This is closely linked to the power of this kitchen utensil. The power of the gas iron ranges from 1.5 to 8 kilowatts. However, the power level of each hob depends on the number of burners it has. No matter how many, the burners serve to distribute the heat in a similar way over the entire surface of the hob. Also, the number of burners can tell you the power level of an iron.

The area available on the worktop and the space required in the kitchen

This area is expressed in cm or in square cm. The larger this surface area, the more it will allow you to cook a significant amount of food. Therefore, if you are used to receiving people in your garden, you should choose a plate with a large surface area. Most of the gas hobs on the market require storage space in your kitchen; they are fixed. When making your choice, you must ensure that your iron does not get in the way at all. Fortunately, there is a solution to remedy the congestion problem: this solution is the gas plate on the car . With a cart, your iron does not set; you can easily move it. With a trolley, you can forget about the heaviness of the cast iron plate.

The maintenance of your kitchen tool

Do not forget that maintenance is also a criterion that must be taken into account when choosing an iron. The maintenance of the griddle will depend on the material of your cooktop. As a result, a griddle designed in stainless steel is easy to maintain, unlike cast iron or enamelled steel.

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