How to choose the right fondue machine: Bourguignonne and Savoyarde?

Comparison of the TOP 3 of the best fondue games

As winter comes every year, you have to be well prepared to welcome this long cold season. This period is usually subject to distances between families, friends and relatives. Even your neighbors are lazy to visit you, there are only prefer to keep warm in addition to the terminals. A fondue game can be interesting for you if you want to have a good time with your loved ones in winter. In fact, this device was designed to Guarantee a perfect Coexistence around a table, with a delicious meal.

If they don’t find themselves there material, this article will be of great help to you. You will see the opinions and advice of professionals. In addition, you will be able to learn more about this equipment and for this you will be able to have in mind an image of the model that suits you best. In this, you will find models that have won the opinion of our testers.

The advantages of a fondue maker

For a few years, this cookware became a standard in every home, as did the raclette ease of use

This device is also very practical.Now, you no longer have to prepare the stove for a long time to ensure the good reception of your guests.The fondue cooks quickly, you will only have to heat it for a few minutes to be able to use it.This will even allow you to manage unannounced visits.

How to choose a fondue set

Since this device does not have only one main function, it will be easy to find the model that most suits you.will depend mainly on your preferences and needs.That said, we will have to consider the capabilities of the device.Most of the time this is expressed as a fork or sometimes covered.For example, a fondue set with eight forks was designed for eight people..The same goes for cutlery.

A fondue appliance at the best price

with With their prices on the rise, a fondue maker is very easy to find.Many, if not all, appliance stores sell this type of equipment.Therefore, it is imperative to plan a fairly substantial budget if you want to purchase one of these is advisable to opt for the purchase during the summer periods, since the brands regularly reversed their prices once they Winter is coming.

Therefore, it is recommended to look for online sales to benefit from lower cost services.The best online store for this is of course , Amazon.With it you can enjoy delivery services.In addition, prices do not drop during winter periods, provided, of course, the stock is still available.

Back interesting models

The Tefal Simply Invents EF351412

This Tefal brand model is today the best-selling on the web., This device offers a very generous capacity.In terms of performance, there is nothing to add, this Simply Invents brings its power of 800 Watts.Then, you can give a good cheese to your guests in less than five minutes.Forks, which will guarantee good moments of Coexistence.This product It is also attractive by the fact that a very powerful security system.In this sense, the walls are not condu You can then use the device with ease.Finally, the ergonomics are there thanks to the bases and pots on which your guests can place their meals.

The Lagrange fondue set 349001

The brand is renowned for manufacturing simple equipment, with less dominating and ergonomic dimensions. This Lagrange fondue has an aura of dark, reflected in the basic policy of the designers. Classy, ​​beautiful, elegant, this Lagrange 349001 It has Everything to seduce you. It has 900 Watts in terms of power. However, it can heat your cheese very quickly. It also offers a capacity of eight places, which will guarantee you a capacity of eight places, which will guarantee you a capacity of eight places , to control the temperature of your cheese.

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