How to choose the best dishwasher in 2021?

The field of large household appliances has been turned upside down several times by the appearance of new equipment capable of doing all the work for us, such as the washing machine. washing, dryer or even dishwasher, for example. And it is precisely this device that we wanted to tell you about in this comparison. In fact, if you want to end once and for all with the traditional chore of dishes and at the same time you want to enjoy always impeccable results, then buy a dishwasher is everything for you. indicated. To help you in your choice, we leave you below a ranking and comparison of the best dishwashers of the moment.

Dishwasher comparison: The 4 best of the moment

Why buy a dishwasher? What are its advantages?

If the dishwasher is so popular all over the world, it is obviously due to the fact that it is a great appliance kit that offers many advantages. And the first one obviously refers to the time you save on a daily basis. After every meal, you won't spend many minutes washing everything before having to dry everything. All you need to do is load your dishwasher and run a cleaning program, after which all you have to do is put clean dishes away. Multiply the number of minutes you spend doing the dishes daily by the number of days of the month and you will quickly see that the hours saved will be particularly many.

It is also important to note that the dishwasher has a definite economic interest. Indeed, for a wash cycle, the dishwasher consumes, depending on the model, between 10 and 20 liters of water, compared to at least 30 liters for hand washing. In the worst case, you will reduce your water consumption by 10 liters during each cleaning. Therefore, it is obvious that your initial investment that you will have put into buying a dishwasher will pay off very quickly . Finally, the last advantage of the dishwasher is hygiene. Your dishes will be washed and dried at an ultra high temperature, which will destroy all bacteria, something that is not possible when you wash your dishes by hand. Thus, you will find perfectly clean and healthy dishes. In short, you will understand that the dishwasher only offers advantages.

Bosch SMS25AW00F: The best freestanding 12-seater dishwasher

The freestanding dishwasher Bosch SMS25AW00F is a very popular with consumers because it is practical and efficient, while remaining particularly inexpensive. With it in your kitchen, in addition to saving time and effort, you can find your dishes as clean as the first day, and this during each use. With a capacity of 12 place settings, the Bosch SMS25AW00F dishwasher can boast of being one of the most generous in its class. What we particularly liked about this Bosch 12-seater freestanding dishwasher is the fact that it consumes just 11.7 liters of water per cycle, which puts it directly among the most economical of its generation. .

Because it is a freestanding dishwasher and is only two feet wide, the Bosch SMS25AW00F can be installed almost anywhere, although of course it is necessary proximity to a water inlet and outlet. With its pure white and LED display panel, it is also a very beautiful appliance that will certainly add a lot of charm to your kitchen. Finally, if we wanted to introduce you to the Bosch SMS25AW00F dishwasher, it is also because it is very easy to use. Its many storage spaces are very well thought out, which will allow you to optimize the organization of your dishes, and its control panel is particularly intuitive, which will allow you to configure it in just a few seconds.

Siemens iQ500: The best integrated dishwasher!

Do you have a fully equipped kitchen and would you like to replace or install a new dishwasher that is stylish and ultra efficient? Then the Siemens iQ500 built-in dishwasher should interest you as it is one of the customer's favorite household appliances at the moment, which is because it is particularly efficient as well as economically affordable. The brand, leader in many fields, signs here one of its most beautiful products. There is no doubt that when you have installed it in your kitchen and launched your first cleaning program, you will be convinced that you made the best decision when deciding to buy the Siemens iQ500 dishwasher.

The first notable advantage of the Siemens iQ500 dishwasher is its capacity for 14 place settings, which makes it the quintessential family dishwasher. But despite such capacity, its dimensions are still very standard, which guarantees that you can install it at home, in the niche of the dishwasher, without any problem. In addition, to guarantee the best daily comfort, its sound level is only 42 decibels, thus positioning it among the quietest devices of its generation. On the high-tech side, it will project the remaining wash time directly onto the floor, giving your kitchen an undeniable modern look. Finally, the Siemens iQ500 integrated dishwasher consumes just 9.5 liters of water per cycle , a record!

Beko SDFA1370S: The best Beko dishwasher!

The Beko SDFA1370S dishwasher is a piece of equipment that is also very popular and successful with consumers who rightly appreciate its exceptional value for money. The Beko brand is among the best in the field of large appliances, and one thing's for sure, this Beko dishwasher lives up to its reputation. Thanks to a capacity of 13 place settings and a water consumption of 11.5 liters per cycle , it will allow you to simplify your daily life to the maximum and, at the same time, achieve impressive savings in your water consumption.

What we liked about this Beko SDFA1370S dishwasher, in addition to its energy class A + , c Is the fact that it offers a perfect drying capacity, which is not the case with all devices of this type. Specifically, once it tells you that your dishes are clean, you just have to put them away. You will never notice the slightest imperfection, which will have the effect of truly satisfying you. Lastly, in terms of maximum noise level, the Beko SDFA1370S freestanding dishwasher emits 47 decibels, which is still particularly discreet.

Bosch SMV46MX03E: Our favorite dishwasher!

When it comes to choosing a new dishwasher, there are many different features to consider to be sure to make the right choice. However, the Bosch SMV46MX03E dishwasher is a device that will get everyone to agree. In fact, this integrated model offers a capacity of 14 covers , which makes it one of the most generous models of the moment. However, its consumption is still very economical since for a wash cycle, the Bosch SMV46MX03E consumes only 9.5 liters of water.

The success of the washing machine The Bosch SMV46MX03E built-in tableware is also explained by its A ++ energy class which, in addition to saving you water, will make you achieve savings impressive in your electricity consumption. But if this Bosch dishwasher really stands out from all the others it is because it offers 5 different cleaning programs so you always get perfect results. Between classic cleaning or intensive cleaning, you will have many options to choose from. But in any case, in the end, the cleaning of your dishes will be impeccable, even if they are particularly dirty.

Cheap Dishwasher: Should We Be Tempted?

In all product categories, be it with regard to induction hobs or multifunction microwaves, there are always more economical equipment than others. Therefore, it is legitimate to wonder if buying a cheap dishwasher might be a good idea or not. And the least we can say about it is that the answer is quite varied. Initially, if the standard price of a dishwasher is very attractive, or even too high, it can be risky to give in to temptation because, unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, low price goes hand in hand with poor quality. , although it is also true that there are some exceptions that confirm this rule.

However, throughout the year you can also get a dishwasher on sale or even on sale, which will allow you to save on this buy without having to compromise on quality. Also, during special operations periods, you can also buy a Black Friday dishwasher, for example. However, in most cases, dishwasher promotions are relatively rare. So when shopping, keep in mind that you are investing your money in equipment that should withstand years of use. So you'd rather not risk it and put a few more euros in a quality dishwasher than save those euros and have to buy new equipment in a few months.

Ranking of customer's favorite dishwashers

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