How to choose a heating blender mixer for making soup and smoothie?

The hectic pace of daily life often prevents us from following a balanced diet. The blender was designed to avoid fast foods. A device with a thousand and one uses, it is an alternative to quickly prepare soups and cocktails.

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Choose your blender according to your needs

The blender can prepare all kinds of recipes ranging from whole meals to small delicacies. Preparation is always quick with a blender. It only takes 20 minutes along with cooking at most one healthy dish. A blessing for those in a hurry and still want to eat well. The operation of the blender is simple, all you have to do is peel and cut the ingredients and pour into the blender jar. Then press a button and you're done. To find the model that best suits all needs, you must focus on the selection criteria.

Use and personal

The number of people in the household is an important criterion at the time of Buying a blender. This is debating that singles and large families will not use the same model. Please note that there are many models on the market with capacities up to 2 liters. Of course, the more people there are at home, the more you will turn to great models. Next come the eating habits. For example, if you are more used to making a smoothie than a soup, you will buy the best model accordingly. For example, for the preparation of cocktails, it is good to turn to a model with a tap and accessories.

Heating blender: why?

For soup lovers, the heated mixer is the ideal choice. Of course, there are models of blenders with various features. Models with graduations and those with a timer are also very popular. Of course, holding a multifunctional can be interesting. Alone, it is advisable to choose the functionalities of the device, above all, according to your personal needs

Robustness and performance

Performance and robustness are of course criteria that should not be avoided underestimating when buying a blender. Note that the latter consists of a motor and a resistor. It is the heating mixers that have resistance. While the device is powered by the motor, the resistance heats the fruits and vegetables. Soup makers consist of a blade that mixes the food. This sheet must be carefully examined in order to guarantee the delicacy of the final plaster. It is good to use solid models to prevent the chosen blender from breaking on the first use. As for the potency, it depends on the food and the ingredients to prepare that you choose.

The budget

For profitable reversal at the time of compromising a blender, you have to check its solidz. To do this, you must identify the components of your design as well as the base of the bowl. If the latter is usually made of metal, the bowl can be made of stainless steel, glass, or even plastic. It is advisable to use glass models. The bowl is removable in a blender. It should be washed after each use. Stronger than plastic, metal bowls also sound healthier. In fact, this point is important is that the bowl will be in constant contact with the food. With these key points in mind, your investment will pay off well before having to make repairs or a new purchase.

The functionalities of the blender

The purchase requires, of course, the analysis of the functionalities of the device. So all blenders are designed with the same concept, not all models are used the same way. From the number of buttons to the additional options, not all blender models are the same. The speed of the soup mixer can generally be adjusted. The higher this speed, the thinner the sheets will be. There are models with a “pulse” function that corresponds to the maximum speed of the mixer. For practicality, it is advisable to look for models with a user-friendly design. The additional options can also be very interesting as well as the additional accessories. We are talking about accessories that can facilitate the maintenance of the appliance or the preparation of recipes. In fact, some brands offer self-cleaning models.

The best models of the moment

Among the many blender models available on the market, there are some that stand out. First, there is the Model 23180-56 NutriBoost from Russell Hobbs. The latter stands out, above all, for its compact appearance and ease of use. By contrast, there is the Kenwood BLP610 WH model or the AT262 model, as well as the BLP400, which are all good options.

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