Create an original meal for Easter

Easter is fast approaching. It is an opportunity to meet with family or friends over a good meal. This year you have decided to take care of the preparations. However, you wonder what you can prepare well to surprise your guests. Do not worry. We have some suggestions that you may find helpful.

Essentials for an Easter meal

For the pleasant Easter lunch, there are some ingredients that are used frequently. You probably know them: eggs, chocolate, asparagus and the famous lamb meat. Every year these foods are on the Easter menu.

For starters, cakes, eggs and asparagus are star recipes. Berrichon's pate is unanimous. As for the main dishes, lamb is the dish of choice. We finished the Easter meal on a sweet note. You can opt for chocolate sweets or opt for the star dessert: the Easter nest brioche.

Fortunately, these must-have ingredients on the Easter menu can be made in different ways to create original recipes. So you can change the dish every year to surprise the palate of your guests.

magazines dedicated to the kitchen like “Elle à table” available on the site can help you find inspiration thanks to many creative and original recipes . In fact, the possibilities are endless to prepare an Easter meal worthy of a great restaurant.

Easter meal: show ingenuity

When it comes to paschal food, there are traditions that continue to this day, including the paschal lamb. But they are not imposed. You can revisit the dishes while staying in the tradition . The idea is to mix the main ingredients with new products.

You may think that with a limited budget, your Easter meal will not be so impressive. Think again! It is always possible Enjoy an exceptional meal on a reduced budget. For unusual Easter meals, eggs will be your best allies. This inexpensive food can be given multiple textures. Eggs casserole, poached eggs or even soft-boiled eggs , you decide what is best.

You can also stay away from lamb meat. The rabbit is one of the best alternatives to leg of lamb . This is cheaper, less rich in fat and is pr This to several preparations.

Rabbit with plums and raisins is an interesting dish idea. This sweet and salty mixture will surprise your Alternatively, you can also opt for salmon with sorrel.

For ” data-token=”295″> desserts Indulge in colorful cakes. Kids will love it. Don't forget the “bunny-egg-hen” themed decorations . To stand out, use your imagination in presentations. Place the dishes on the Easter theme.

Thus, the Easter recipes can be renewed every year to be even more original. We favor improvisation. We review the classic dishes to preserve tradition.

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