Complete Comparison of the Best Capsule Coffee Makers in 2021!

TOP 3 of the best capsule coffee machines in 2021!

Coffee is the most widely drunk drink in France, after mineral water. And for good reason, many of us can't imagine starting a day without good coffee, especially since it's a drink that offers so many benefits. However, today there are many types of coffee makers, and depending on your tastes and requirements, making your choice will have to be the result of a long reflection. To help you find the perfect appliance for you, we wanted to introduce you to this comparison of the best capsule coffee machines around. As you can see, the disparities between the different teams are numerous, hence the paramount importance of considering each characteristic very rigorously.

Philips HD6553/41 Original: The best coffee machine Senseo capsules sold by Boulanger!

Working with flexible capsules, the Senseo Philips HD6553/41 Original coffee machine is currently the no longer sold model, which should be mainly for two reasons. First of all, it's basic and inexpensive, so you can enjoy delicious coffee without breaking the bank. In fact, for just a few tens of euros, you will have in your possession a high-performance and truly practical device that will undoubtedly satisfy you enormously on a day-to-day basis.

But what also contributes to the success of this original Senseo Philips HD6553/41 capsule coffee machine is the fact that it is technically very reliable. In addition to a pressure of 1 bar that will guarantee you a coffee rich in aromas due to its 1450 watt power, this device can prepare up to 2 cups of coffee simultaneously while of course offering you an automatic stop function. Finally, the Philips brand has made sure to develop an ultra-easy-to-use coffee machine, and the result is irreproachable as this model can only be controlled with three buttons, which will greatly facilitate your daily life.

Comparison of the 10 best single-dose coffee machines of the moment

What are the criteria for choosing a quality single-dose coffee machine?

If one thing is certain, it is that nowadays there is no shortage of capsule coffee machines. There are actually dozens of them, all of which have their own characteristics, that won't help you make up your mind. However, considering the few criteria below, there is no doubt that very quickly you will be able to identify which is the best capsule coffee maker for you. And as you may be pleasantly surprised, the most expensive model is not necessarily the one that will satisfy you the most.

The power of your next capsule coffee maker

The main criterion for choosing a capsule coffee maker is its power, which is expressed in watts but also in bars. Specifically, the higher this power, the more your appliance will be able to extract the maximum aromas from your coffee, exactly as might be the case with juice extractors when it comes to fruit and vegetables. For a Senseo coffee rich in aromas, we recommend that you choose a single-serving coffee machine with a power of at least 1 bar.

But the power of a capsule coffee machine is also about your equipment's ability to heat water quickly and run it through the capsule as quickly as possible. Like everyone else, he loves that his coffee is ready as quickly as possible. By focusing on equipment that offers at least 1200 watts of power, you are guaranteed to be able to prepare delicious coffees in less than a minute.

The functions and accessories of your future coffee maker pods

Exactly as you would when choosing a blender or coffee maker, you will need to take a moment to See the different functions offered by your next single-dose coffee maker as these will be directly responsible for your final satisfaction. In fact, during your research, make sure that the functionalities are numerous enough to suit your pace of life. For example, you can find equipment that, in addition to preparing your coffee, can be programmed in advance or that can froth milk to add more softness to your drinks.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that the accessories of your pod coffee maker must also meet your requirements. And once again, at this level, you have at your disposal a wide variety of equipment since in addition to a milk frother, you can find single-dose coffee machines that offer an adjustable cup holder. high or even a removable and transparent water tray that will allow you to check the water level and adjust it very easily.

The overall quality and design of a good capsule coffee maker

Finally, it is essential that the capsule coffee machine that choose to be of the best possible quality, so that you do not have to renew these types of expenses periodically. It is true that it is never very easy to get an idea on this subject, especially since no dealer will openly admit that the model they offer is not reliable. That is why we invite you to consult customer opinions on capsule coffee machines, which have the main advantage of being perfectly honest.

Also, due to the fact that it will be used daily, your pod coffee maker will be designed to remain permanently visible in your kitchen. That is why it is important that its design adapts to the main decoration of the room in which you will place it. But as you will see from your research, brands compete in imagination at this level, and whatever your tastes are, you are sure to find the perfect team for you.

Senseo Viva Philips HD6563/71: The capsule coffee maker with the best value for money available on Amazon!

The Senseo Viva Philips HD6563/71 capsule coffee maker is a device that can only make you happy, as it is at the same time reliable , practical and formidably powerful. Thanks to it, you can always enjoy a coffee rich in aromas that you can prepare in less than 60 seconds. Obviously, each function has been thought to take your comfort of use to new heights and the result is more than satisfactory.

Available in 7 different colors ranging from blue from duck to pale pink to deep black, the pod coffee machine Philips HD6563/71 offers a 0.9 liter tank and the possibility of preparing two cups of coffee simultaneously. But what sets it apart from all the others is the fact that you can choose the duration of your coffee so that your hot drink is really the same as all your requirements. Clearly, this model has it all, and if you choose to offer it to him, you're unlikely to find something to complain about.

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