Buying and comparison guide to choose the best charcoal barbecue in 2021!

When the summer season arrives, we are all the same, we want to take advantage of the long summer days to relax alone, with family and friends, but also to indulge in kindness as well as gluttony . And this is what explains why charcoal barbecue is so popular in France because thanks to it you can enjoy delicious grilled meats with a delicate smoked and grilled flavor. Whether you want to cook meat, fish or even vegetables, in any case, the charcoal barbecue will find its uses and better than that, it will establish itself as a cooking device as essential in your daily life as a multifunction microwave oven or your best hob. induction. However, choosing a charcoal barbecue should also be the result of a rigorous study. That is why we invite you to discover our complete buying guide below, as well as a presentation of the best teams of the year.

TOP 4 of the best charcoal barbecues of 2021!

Weber Master-Touch GBS: The best charcoal barbecue of the moment!

It is difficult to approach the topic of charcoal barbecue without mentioning Weber, the reference brand in this field that, in recent years, has shown its indisputable supremacy, to such an extent that the term Weber has unofficially become synonymous with charcoal ball barbecue. And if you are only looking for the best in this area, Weber Master-Touch GBS can only fully satisfy you, as it is perfect on all levels. From its overall quality to its ergonomics to the cooking reliability it offers, this new Weber charcoal barbecue could revolutionize the way you grill.

If the Weber Master-Touch GBS charcoal barbecue differs from all other equipment of its generation, it is mainly due to the fact that it is very generous thanks to its surface of cooking with a diameter of 54.5 centimeters which will allow you to cook simultaneously for 4 to 5 people. In addition, thanks to its rounded shape, the Weber Master-Touch will produce a rotating heat that will have the effect of guaranteeing you a cooking precision that could well leave you speechless. Finally, this model is also equipped with a rounded lid that will allow you, if you wish, to be able to smoke your own food such as chicken or salmon.

Comparison of the 10 best charcoal barbecues of the year

What are the criteria to take into account when choosing a charcoal barbecue?

Like us Let's say your charcoal barbecue has an air of minimalism that might suggest that choosing your own will be a mere formality. But in reality, this type of equipment is relatively complex as it has some unique specificities. In order to guide you towards the best charcoal barbecue according to you, and so that you can experience a perfect purchase satisfaction, we have proposed to present you in detail all the criteria for choosing a charcoal barbecue.

The different types of charcoal barbecues

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Choosing the right charcoal barbecue is first and foremost a matter of selecting an equipment that can meet all your needs. And at this level, it must be admitted, you will have many options to choose from. In fact, if you want to make very simple grills, then a basic model in a rectangular shape most of the time will work perfectly. This will consist of a grill and a charcoal bowl, as well as side protections in all cases. You can also take advantage of a model whose grid height can be adjusted.

But if you expect more from your next equipment, then you will have the option to buy a smoker barbecue that will be equipped with a lid thanks to which you can trap the heat and smoke, and over which there will be an air intake device to prevent the charcoal from going out. . With a smoker barbecue you can, as the name suggests, smoke your food as you see fit. Finally, the ball barbecue is also equipped with a lid that allows you to smoke your food, but it is particularly distinguished by its ability to emit a rotating heat thanks to which you will be sure to be able to cook your food in exceptional conditions, you in particular avoiding that are roasted on the outside and raw on the inside.

The functions offered by a charcoal barbecue

Your final satisfaction will largely depend on the different functions that your charcoal barbecue offers, as it could be if you had to buy a new juicer as behind its simplistic appearance, the charcoal barbecue is able, thanks to these different functions, to offer you a completely new cooking experience. For example, some appliances work on roughly the same principle as gas grills of the major brands, that is, they are capable of circulating liquefied fats under the effect of heat to a juice collection tray so that your food be free of these fats.

In addition, very often, except in the case of barbecue balls, the height of the cooking grate can be adjusted so that your food is cooked with more or less intensity of heat, which allows you to take maximum care of its properties. . Finally, to give you one last example that could be of great interest to you, especially if you are a demanding cook, there are charcoal barbecues equipped with a thermometer thanks to which you can know the cooking heat in real time, thus allowing you to adjust it to that matches your expectations as much as possible, and so that all your meals are always successful.

The ease of use and maintenance of your charcoal barbecue

Obviously, for cooking on the charcoal barbecue follow being a pleasure, and so that it is always an intense moment of conviviality, it will be essential that the team you choose is the most appropriate. it's easy to use. And it is true that at this level there are strong disparities. In fact, if some devices are extremely easy to use, others may instead be more complex because they offer more functionalities, which is to say that in this precise selection criterion, you, above all, will have to find the perfect compromise.

Finally, the last criterion for choosing a charcoal barbecue refers to the ease of maintenance which, in general, should be as simple as possible. Indeed, in order for your equipment to withstand even several years of intensive use, it will be important that you take the time to clean it regularly using, for example, a professional vacuum cleaner for dust or even ash. Ideally, your next appliance should be able to be disassembled so that you can clean all the parts easily, which is certainly unfortunately rarely the case.

Alice's Garden Serge: the best value/price charcoal barbecue in 2021!

If you don't want to spend all your savings on the purchase of a charcoal barbecue but still need to Take advantage of reliable and efficient equipment that can also be versatile, then the barbecue Alice's Garden Serge will know how to keep your full attention. In fact, it is a device highly appreciated by consumers, as it can boast of being as efficient as most of its competitors, whose prices are usually two or three times higher.

What makes this Alice's Garden Serge charcoal barbecue so interesting is the fact that it offers a very generous cooking surface of 66 x 30 centimeters that you They will allow cooking for 8 people at a time. In addition, thanks to its rounded lid, this charcoal barbecue will allow you to smoke your food to give it more flavor. And as if that were not enough, the brand has also thought about including work tablets that will considerably increase the general ergonomics. In short, Alice's Garden Serge BBQ has it all!

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