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Which above ground pool to choose in 2021? Comparison of the best models!

Taking advantage of your free time on hot summer days to experience intense moments of conviviality among family members can be done around a barbecue or a gas grill, installed in a comfortable furniture of yard. But when temperatures peak, the urge to cool off will be stronger. That is why it can be interesting to equip yourself with a pool. If inflatable pools are very popular for their impressive prices, they have their limits. For this reason, in this article we have wanted to present you a comparison of above-ground pools, more efficient equipment whose qualities should not leave you indifferent because they are numerous.

TOP 3 of the best above-ground pools in 2021!

Intex 58981Fr: The best affordable above ground pool of 2021!

Every summer and This for many years, the Intex 58981Fr above ground pool stands out as the best seller in its category, which is explained by the fact that it is very economical while being in it at the same time endowed with an overall exceptional quality. Thanks to it, you will be able to fully enjoy your summer as a family, although it must also be recognized that it is more of an above-ground pool designed for children than for parents because its maximum water height is 75 centimeters.

Anyway, the Intex 58981Fr above ground pool n “It is still very satisfying, measuring 3 meters long and two meters wide. In total, it therefore offers a total volume of water of 3.8 m3. Finally, if this model is positioned as one of the best products in its category, this is also explained by the fact that it is very easy to assemble. In fact, as there are two to get to its assembly, it will not take more than ten minutes.

Comparison of the 10 best above-ground pools of the moment!

What are the criteria that should be taken into account when choosing a good above ground pool?

Would you like the purchase of your next above ground pool to be completely satisfied, and not Want to fall for some sadly very common traps? In this case, you will be interested in the few lines that follow, since we wanted to explain in detail how to choose an above-ground pool that perfectly suits your needs. By following these various tips to the letter, you will have in your possession all the necessary knowledge to have an unforgettable shopping experience, knowing that if you want to optimize your chances of being fully satisfied, the best solution is still to call companies specialized in this field. , like, one of the industry leaders.

The dimensions and structure of your above-ground pool

First Instead, for your purchase to meet all your requirements, it will be imperative that the above ground pool that you will become the owner offers dimensions that are tailored to you. In fact, if it is too small, your pool could unfortunately disappoint you in the sense that it could not accommodate all of your family members simultaneously. In contrast, a model that is too large would not be of use to you and would take up too much space in your outdoor space for very little benefit. As you may have understood, it is above all about finding the perfect compromise between the reception capacity and the occupied space.

In addition, the very structure of your pool on the soil is of utmost importance. In fact, some consumers tend to prefer rectangular above ground pools, while others prefer to opt for a circular above ground pool. At this level, there is no more recommended structure than another, as it is essentially a matter of taste.

The overall quality that your next above-ground pool offers

So that your financial investment is not reduced to nothing, it is also essential that you take the time to study the overall quality of your next Above Ground Pool. In fact, a poor quality pool would only have a few years of life at most, while a solid model could serve you proudly for decades. That is why it is also important to be especially attentive to this issue, especially since the price of an above-ground pool is relatively high compared to many other types of pools.

To find out whether a particular above-ground pool can boast of overall good quality, there are several solutions. The first one is to focus on the materials used in your design. Obviously, steel or aluminum is better than rubber. But customer feedback is also a great way to learn more about the quality of an above ground pool. Customers are always very transparent and clear, and if you take the time to read their comments, you will benefit from a significant amount of information.

The various accessories that are supplied with the above-ground pool

Finally, the last feature to consider when looking for the perfect aerial pool will be the accessories that come with your kit. Indeed, these must be able to optimize the useful life of your product, hence the importance that they are present and that, ideally, they are effective. Specifically, first of all it is necessary that your above ground pool be equipped with a filtration system.

This filtration system will have as its main interest Filter the water in your pond so that it is permanently purified. So you won't have to empty your pool and refill it, saving you precious time. But it is also important that the above ground pool is equipped with a protection system such as a cover to be placed on the ground and on the surface of the water so that no domestic accident can occur when your above ground pool is unattended.

Bestway 56620: The best above ground pool for large families!

With its length 4.24 meters wide, 2.5 meters deep wide and one meter high, the Bestway 56620 above-ground pool can accommodate up to 8 people simultaneously and each guarantees perfect comfort. When developing it, the brand wanted to make a real demonstration of everything it can do, and it must be admitted, the result is quite satisfactory since this above-ground pool is positioned quite simply as one of the most remarkable in many ways.

What we really liked about this above ground pool Bestway 56620 is the fact that despite its outstanding qualities, it is still economically very accessible. Therefore, even if your budget is relatively limited, you will still be able to enjoy and equip your outdoor space with a very good quality above ground pool that will undoubtedly make you happy. the whole family!

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