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The pleasure of a heated umbrella on your terrace

In summer, it is always nice to extend your evenings in the garden or on the terrace, to relax in the company of those we love. However, during this period, although temperatures can reach peaks during the day, they very naturally request to drop again as night falls. So that we can continue to enjoy our outdoors with the greatest possible comfort, the thermal umbrella is, therefore, essential. In fact, it is a peculiarly innovative garden equipment that will produce calories that will be distributed evenly so that everyone feels at ease. In this article, we invite you to run a comparison of the best patio heaters of the year so that you can quickly identify which one is most likely to appeal to you.

Top 3 customer favorite heated umbrellas

Happy Garden Oslo: A patio heater! economical and super efficient!

The Happy Garden Oslo thermal umbrella model is one of the most efficient on the market, but what makes it special is also the fact that it is one of the most popular models. affordable. Whatever your needs, Happy Garden Oslo will meet them. This reliability is explained by the characteristic numbers, which increase the ease of use of the product. One thing is for sure, when you buy the Happy Garden Oslo patio heater, your satisfaction is Guaranteed!

This is a model for gas that ensures a range of 30 m². Note that this figure is an actual record in the field. The Happy Garden Oslo thermal umbrella is an inexpensive model, but particularly practical, efficient and elegant. Thanks to it, you will have all the free time to be able to extend your evenings as you see fit and be sure that each of your guests will benefit from a soft and comfortable calorie.

Technical characteristics of the Happy Garden Oslo thermal parasol

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If customers recognize Happy Garden's Oslo model as one of the most efficient patio heaters of its generation , it is then due to its power of 12 kilowatts that you will be able to enjoy perfect heat within seconds after switching on. The latter is done by a piezoelectric system for greater safety and comfort at the same time. It is a gas heater that must work with propane or butane gas or even with LPG.

With a consumption of 945 grams per hour, the Happy Garden Oslo patio heater is also known as one of the most efficient energy of its category. So you can make the most of your nights without having to worry about paying cash later. Finally, to make your satisfaction as perfect as possible, the brand has chosen to design this device in a high-end stainless steel, thus guaranteeing that it will be able to keep it as new for a great number of years. As long as you take good care of it, of course.

Our opinion on the Happy Garden Oslo patio heater

The patio and garden umbrella Happy Garden Oslo Heated is a device that has all the necessary assets to offer you exceptional satisfaction. Economical and practical as well as elegant, it will undoubtedly seduce you from the first use you make of it. The Happy Garden brand is known for developing particularly good value for money products and in this case it has been able to carry out beyond the limits of its knowledge.

The Happy Garden Oslo patio heater is also a device that can be practical in the sense that it can be easily moved, as its total weight is only 17 kilograms. So wherever you are in your garden, you can always enjoy a warm temperature. As you may have bought, this equipment only offers advantages, and choosing it means deciding to be fully satisfied!

Heated parasol: the advantages

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Generally speaking, the “parasol” number is a bit misleading here. In fact, the heated sun visor has nothing to do with the use of a basic sun visor, as its mode of operation is more similar to that of electronic oil stoves. If it is used mainly for the protection of the ground, the heater serves as an umbrella to warm your evenings on the terrace both in temperature and in room. That is why, in addition, one of this type of product is the name: “outdoor stove”. Clearly, the main function of a patio heater is to produce sweet heat. There are two models on the market today, namely the gas heated sun visor and the electric heated sun visor.

The goal is of course to give you the possibility to enjoy your end of the day outdoors when the temperature starts to drop. The enthusiasm for using the patio heater is explained by its many advantages. In fact, this device is easy to use, reliable and above all very economical. It is not necessary to add a t-shirt or an evening dress on the terrace thanks to the gentle and uniform heat produced by the thermal umbrella. Another significant advantage of this device: its enveloping touch. An alternative of choice that will invite you and your guests to relax and especially enjoy the weather and free time if this pleasant moment is spoiled.

The best thermal umbrellas of 2021

Comfort in your home is priceless. It is also from this perspective of comfort that many accessories such as the thermal umbrella have been designed. Practical and particularly effective accessory, the latter is winning the hearts of more and more people today. Far from the use of a traditional parasol, the heated parasol departs from even basic use.

It is not easy to choose the best model of thermal umbrella is that the options are diverse in the market. This article has been written to guide you as best as possible through all these possibilities. By relating the advantages and the selection criteria to be taken into account, including/understanding better this type of product. In addition, they will be presented by recurring models on the market.

Criteria for choosing the best model of patio and garden heater for patio

The purchase of any type of device is a matter of criteria shopping. The thermal umbrella is no exception to this rule. Finding the best patio heater model here is not really difficult. In fact, the selection criteria are limited to the type of energy used for the device and its field of action. Clearly, the electric models are efficient, but require the use of an extension cord and proximity to an outlet. Therefore, they are suitable if you plan to use the heated parasol near the house.

Only, if you plan to use the device outside the home, you will need a much more autonomous model. Here they recommend gas models. Also, this type of patio heater can be connected to any gas cylinder as standard. Regarding the field of action, we are talking mainly about the radiation emitted by the also called worn product. Here, there is no ideal scope, it is according to your needs that you will take this criterion into account. The range of action of a patio heater is generally written in the instructions or on the product. These data are expressed in centimeters or meters.

Interesting models of thermal umbrellas to discover!

AmazonBasics Heated Umbrella: Powerful and extremely efficient!

The AmazonBasics Umbrella Heater is a particularly interesting model in many ways. In fact, it is extremely powerful, offering a soft and warm space. This gas model produces a total of 13.5 kW of power, which is equivalent to a field of action of 25 m² to 30 m². Please note that the brand has designed this model to offer a high level of overall quality. Therefore, you can use it intensively without worrying that the device is weakened.

Currently, the patio and garden heater AmazonBasics is the subject of a veritable plebiscite by consumers, and it is true that this the success is well deserved. In fact, from the general quality of the materials to the reliability through to the design, obviously each characteristic has been studied so that the final result is irreproachable at all levels. If you are looking for the best value for money patio heater right now, this device alone can meet all your expectations.

The Alice's Garden patio heater: Versatile and really stylish!

The Alice's Garden thermal umbrella model stands out, above all, for its aesthetic side. In fact, Alice's Garden is a brand that pays great attention to the style of the devices it sells, such as its charcoal ball barbecues or its inflatable hot tubs, and this thermal sunshade is one of the most beautiful models on the market today thanks to its design. triangular in wrought iron . It is also a particularly powerful model with its 13 kW. Therefore, it is capable of heating an area of ​​up to 25 m² continuously for up to 28 hours of intensive use. Alice's Garden is a gas model.

What is also very noticeable about the Alice's Garden gas parasol is the fact that it is versatile and ultra stylish at the same time . From fact, it produces real flames that will add an extraordinary charm to your nights in the free area. But it can also function as outdoor lighting, ensuring that you have all the comforts you may need to experience truly unforgettable moments in every way.

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