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The different types of above ground pools

The above-ground pool is the ideal solution to install a pool in your garden without having to carry out any paperwork with your town hall. This type of pool is also popular due to its ease of installation and considerably lower cost than inground pools. Also, there are different sizes and shapes for all pockets! Have you decided to install an above ground pool in your garden?

The tubular pool

The above-ground tubular pool is characterized by its metal structure, while its lining (walls) is made of made of PVC. This model was designed to be easy to assemble since it is enough to straighten the frame by cutting the metal tubes between them and then surround the assembly with the liner.

Tubular pools generally exist in 2 shapes: round or rectangular. Its height can range between 76 cm and 1.32 meters, while its diameter is 2.20 meters on average for small ones and 5 meters for larger ones. This type of pool must be installed on a flat surface covered with a sheet of soil and can be easily dismantled after use.

If you have chosen this pool model, it is strongly recommended to choose one with a diameter of more than 3 meters so that you can swim more comfortably. You can find tubular pools of different brands on for example.

The above-ground wooden pool

The above-ground wooden pool is acclaimed for its highly aesthetic side , which combines perfectly with gardens with a large lawn. Composed of wooden planks intended to fit together to accommodate the cladding, it can have different shapes: hexagonal, octagonal, square and rectangular.

The diameter of this type of pool can be between 3.50 and 15 meters, while its height can be between 1.20 and 1.55 meters.

The installation and assembly of the above ground wooden pool can be complex as it sometimes requires work, but keep in mind that this model is particularly resistant over time.

The independent pool

The independent over the pool is the one we find most in the gardens. This model has the advantage of being easy to install , since it is enough to inflate the tube and fill it with water. Depending on its size, assembling the freestanding pool takes only 10 to 40 minutes on average.

Also called a spiral pool, the freestanding pool exists in a round and oval shape. Its diameter can be between 2.44 and 5.50 meters, while its maximum height is 1.22 meters.

This pool is definitely the cheapest of all the models since it is quite fragile, but it is suitable for swimming children and its installation It is very simple. In winter, you just have to deflate it, fold it and store it in your garage!

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