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Intex 28404 Pure Spa inflatable bubble spa

Enjoying sunny days while cooling off with an inflatable spa is the dream of many French people. And despite appearances, such equipment is not necessarily very expensive, as some models offer an impressive quality/price ratio, such as the Tekapo square inflatable spa. But in this article, we wanted to tell you about the Intex 28404 Pure Spa Inflatable Bubble Spa, a high-end device that offers high-end features that can only completely satisfy you.

So that you know everything about this high-end inflatable hot tub, generous and at the same time resistant, we took the time to analyze it rigorously.To do this, we have reviewed all its features, which will allow you to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts, without risk of disappointment when you finally have it at home.As you will quickly see, the Intex 28404 Pure Spa Inflatable Spa is one of the best of its generation for many reasons.

Introducing the Intex 28404 Pure Spa Inflatable Bubble Spa

With its light brown mix And white, the Intex 28404 Pure Spa Inflatable Bubble Spa stands out very clearly from most of its competitors generally displaying dark colors.But what is obvious at this level is the incredible thickness of the walls that only suggests the best for the future in terms of comfort.Circular in shape, this model is relatively imposing in terms of space.Before choosing it, we recommend that you make sure you have enough space to install it, as it is one of the largest inflatable spas out there.

Equipment designed for your well-being

The Intex 28404 Pure Spa inflatable spa is a device that benefited from all the know-how of the brand during your design.And for good reason, it is the only one made with Fiber Tech technology, which consists of an interlacing of several thousand fibers.It is this technique patented by the brand that allows this model to boast of being one of the most resistant of its generation, and of being almost as resistant to punctures as Kevlar.But to further reduce these potential puncture hazards, the inflatable spa is delivered with a heated mat, allowing you to install it wherever you want.

As we told you before, the Intex 28404 Pure Spa inflatable bubble spa is a particularly large piece of equipment, measuring 196 centimeters in diameter by 71 centimeters in height.In total, you can fill it with a maximum water height of 60 centimeters, which makes it one of the most generous at this level.But although it is oversized, it still does not accommodate many people inside as it offers a maximum of 4 seats, which can be considered a disappointment.This is due to the fact that its walls are very thick, which will nevertheless guarantee you an impressive overall comfort.

In total, there are 120 d air that are installed in this cheap inflatable hot tub.But what is remarkable in this case is the fact that these nozzles, all adjustable thanks to a remote control of course, will create a true whirlpool effect in the Jacuzzi.Therefore, you can fully relax as if you had a rigid spa, especially since you will enjoy an irreproachable seating comfort.Our only regret at this level is that no headrest is supplied with this model, an accessory that we recommend that you purchase as a complement to live an unforgettable experience.

The technical characteristics of the Intex 28404 Pure Spa inflatable bubble spa

Colors: Light brown/White Material: Fiber-Tech Dimensions: 196 x 196 x 71 centimeters Empty weight: 40.8 kilograms Maximum water height: 60 centimeters Number of people: Up to 4 Heating power: N/A Blower power: N/A

The strengths of the Intex 28404 Pure Spa inflatable spa

Impeccable overall quality.

Perfect overall comfort.

Particularly effective swirl effects.

Very easy to use inflatable spa.

The weak points of the Intex 28404 Pure Spa inflatable spa

Model delivered without headrest.

Maximum places are limited to 4.

Our opinion on the inflatable bubble spa Intex 28404 Pure Spa

The Intex 28404 Pure Spa inflatable bubble spa is a device that offers many advantages but also suffers from some slight defects, such as its number of maximum seats which is limited to four for example.Be that as it may, it is nevertheless a perfectly recommended device because it has an impressive overall quality and a seating comfort that can be considered one of the best of the moment.If you want to fully enjoy the good weather in impressive comfort conditions, there is no doubt that this inflatable spa is for you.

Intex inflatable spa L&G FR 28410EX is an ideal garden equipment to relax in

In a way Generally, an inflatable spa is a better solution to enjoy a moment of relaxation alone, with family or friends .This equipment is suitable to enhance your garden in both winter and summer.Enjoy your moments of relaxation at home thanks to the use of the Intex L&G FR 28410EX round shaped inflatable spa with six seats.

What then are the characteristics of the Intex L&G FR 28410EX six-seater round inflatable hot tub? What is the operating mode of this equipment? What are the main benefits of an Intex L&G FR 28410EX inflatable spa?

The characteristics of the 6-seater inflatable spa

This equipment has the same characteristics as a traditional hot tub. In addition to its resistance, its structure is in FiberTech, a material made up of thousands of very high quality polyester fibers, which gives it a unique resistance. The interior of the inflatable spa is made of foam, which offers true comfort. Also, the water can be kept at a constant temperature throughout the swimming time.

How does the Intex L&G spa work? FR 28410EX?

To ensure the effectiveness of your Intex L&G FR 28410EX six-seater round inflatable hot tub, remember to install it correctly. To do this, you must:

  • Cover the space to house the equipment with a tarp ;
  • Then connect your inflator to a power source ;
  • Finally fill your spa with water and enjoy your moments of relaxation. However, remember to turn on the heating, fan and filtration .

When it comes to maintaining and repairing the inflatable spa, you don't have to worry. You could do all these tasks on your own. However, you can use this equipment for several years if you take good care of it.

What are the main advantages of a 6-seater inflatable hot tub?

This garden equipment offers a multitude of benefits to its users.

  • The Intex L&G FR 28410EX six-seater round inflatable hot tub installs and disassembles quite quickly and effortlessly.
  • It is equipped with an LED room lamp which, due to its light signals, makes your bathroom pleasant.
  • The purchase cost of the Intex inflatable spa is relatively low and affordable.
  • It has two filter cartridges.
  • The Intex L&G FR 28410EX inflatable spa offers the same comfort as a traditional spa. You can sit on it without fear.
  • It also has a treatment product diffuser and a carrying bag.
  • The Intex L&G FR 28410EX inflatable hot tub is easy to maintain and you can also move it as you like anywhere you want.
  • It comes with a complete kit and two headrests.
  • With the purchase of this kit, you are offered a heating mat and a heating cover.

Where to buy a quality inflatable spa at the best price?

You have probably already noticed that the inflatable spa is a product that everyone is buying because it offers many benefits. However, it is also important to note the fact that resellers very often take advantage of this popularity to drive up prices, which could unfortunately cause you to miss out on a good deal. That is why we wanted to offer you a precise address so that you can buy your cheapest inflatable spa. In fact, as you know, your satisfaction will depend on the quality of the product you receive, its price, but also on the different services that the distributor puts at your disposal.

Simply put, we strongly recommend that you purchase an Intex or Bestway spa at for several reasons. On the one hand, the products that are made available to you are offered at fair prices, which will allow you to indulge yourself while taking maximum care of your budget. So the brand is committed to helping you during your research so that you are sure to choose the perfect inflatable spa for you. And, of course, a guarantee applies to all products.

How to choose an inflatable hot tub?

Have you decided to buy an inflatable spa, but you can't stop choosing from our offers? Here are some things to consider before making your choice.


There are several sizes for inflatable hot tubs. While it may be tempting to go for a large model for the sake of comfort, consider the amount of water and energy that would be wasted if used by just one person. Please choose the size according to the number of people who will actually wear it. Finally, note that the number of people indicated can be misleading and that for 4 people it is necessary, for example, to count 3 adults, or 2 adults and 2 children. For 6 seats; 5 adults, or 4 adults and two children.

Heating capacity:

The different models of inflatable spas may have different heating capacities. heating and therefore different energy consumptions. Two systems are mainly used: radiators and heat exchangers. These use heat from the engine to heat the water and are therefore more economical. Check the technical data sheets of the inflatable spas you like to find out which system is used!

Maintenance, upkeep and warranty:

Some inflatable hot tubs require less maintenance than others as long as the water stays within the directions provided. Also be careful about the treatment the water must undergo in some cases depending on the materials used for the spa membrane. Finally, be sure to check the warranty information: duration, conditions, etc … so that you do not run into your inflatable spa without problems.

What are the advantages of an inflatable spa over an inground pool or jacuzzi?

The number one advantage to choosing an inflatable hot tub is price.The figures speak for themselves, an acrylic hot tub costs around € 9,000.The first inflatable spas cost less than € 200 and the high-end offer does not exceed € 2000.On this site we only offer spas whose prices start at € 399 for the sake of quality.In addition, the running cost is also relatively low (around € 5 per month for electricity).Whatever the price, you have hot water and whirlpools that vary depending on the spa chosen.

Inflatable hot tubs are quick and easy to install (approximately 10 minutes).

Automatic pumps: what would be the purpose To have an inflatable spa to relax and unwind if you had to fill it up yourself and exhaust yourself doing it? Most of today's inflatable spas have automatic pumps that fill their inflatable hot tub to keep only the best of the inflatable spa experience.

seating: some inflatable hot tubs they now have seats similar to hard hot tubs for added comfort.

Heated water jets: Most inflatable hot tubs currently have hot water jets that they offer you water at the temperature of your choice to enjoy your spa, even in winter!

Look for all these features in our cheap spa offers:

Inflatable hot tubs are safe and harmless.They only have air jets and no high pressure jets that can damage muscles.

They are mobile.Because they are inflatable, they are stored and easily transported wherever you go.Going on a winter vacation to a Swiss chalet and afraid of the cold? Stretch out your inflatable spa and enjoy the warm, soothing water after a day of skiing, gazing at the peaks that dominate it.Try doing that with your acrylic hot tub…

The essential accessories for your inflatable hot tub

That's it, it's decided, you've fallen in love with an inflatable spa And you can already imagine yourself enjoying relaxing afternoons in your garden, warm in the hot tub.To make this experience even more exciting, it may be worth considering purchasing these accessories directly with your inflatable hot tub.

Protective cover:

A protective cover will prevent contamination of your spa by solid elements, as well as bacteria that can endanger the purity of the water, so they require additional maintenance! Tarps come in all shapes and sizes, you can easily combine your inflatable spa with a quality, attractively designed tarp for less than a hundred euros! Think about it!

A special inflatable mat for jacuzzi:

these mats are placed on the foot of your spa and catch the water that you can take out of the spa with you, keeping your feet dry, as long as your inflatable hot tub is in.Choose a rendering close to your other decorative elements for an aesthetic rendering in harmony with your interior!

Inflatable Spa lights:

what better way to add to the relaxing atmosphere of your inflatable hot tub than adequate lighting to highlight it? You can install the lights of your choice yourself or contact an electrician to do it for you.Please note that some lights fit directly onto inflatable spas and some resellers offer light promotions with the purchase of an inflatable hot tub.

Here you have it Now know what accessories to decorate your inflatable spa for an optimal experience.Haven't you decided on a model yet? See our inflatable jacuzzi offers

Installation and operation of the inflatable spa

That is, the Summer has arrived.And with it the first sunny days and the first heat waves.What better perspective than considering the next cool thing in an inflatable spa? Imagine.32 ° on the thermometer, the world swimming, and you, comfortably installed in your jacuzzi, caressed by the pressure jets, at ease in your garden or on your veranda, with family or in gallant company, and all this without having Than to mortgage a member of your family to benefit from it.Isn't life beautiful?

Newly arrived inflatable spas already have new options that enhance their entire inflatable hot tub experience and bring them closer and closer to hot tubs to Expensive Ceramic: Automatic Pumps: What good would having an inflatable spa to relax and unwind if you had to fill it up yourself and exhaust yourself doing it? Most of today's inflatable spas have automatic pumps that fill your inflatable hot tub to keep only the best of the inflatable spa experience. Seats-Some inflatable hot tubs now have seats similar to solid hot tubs for added comfort. Heated Water Jets-Most inflatable hot tubs have heated water jets that offer you water at the temperature of your choice to enjoy your spa, even in winter!

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