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All about the inflatable pool to choose the best and cheapest in 2021!

When the good weather returns, we all have one wish, to refresh ourselves while we enjoy moments of intense coexistence with loved ones. And some equipment has been specially designed for this purpose, such as the inflatable pool that only offers advantages, starting with its impressive price. However, not all pools of this type are exactly the same, and knowing which one stands out above all the others can be a real obstacle course. For this reason, in this article we wanted to present you a comparison of the best inflatable pools of the moment, which will help you quickly discover which one is best for you.

Intex 56922Fr: The inflatable pool with the best quality/price ratio in 2021!

L The Easy Set Freestanding Pool Kit has been designed with the aim of being the most practical and comfortable. In fact, just a few minutes after unpacking it, you can enjoy this inexpensive inflatable pool, as you simply have to inflate its main tube and fill it with water, its total volume is 9m3. Then, with its diameter of 305 centimeters and its height of 76 centimeters, it will be able to accommodate up to three adults simultaneously while maintaining perfect stability.

It is also important to note that if this cheap inflatable pool Intex 56922Fr stands out from all its competitors, this is explained by the fact that which is equipped with an ultra-efficient filter cartridge that will allow the water to always remain as clean as the first day without the need to use any chemicals and without having to choose an autonomous pool robot that would cost you several hundred euros.

Intex Easy Set pool kit: The best inflatable family pool of 2021!

If you are looking for a particularly generous inflatable pool that does not stay too low. However, if it is ultra affordable, then the Intex Easy Set It could be all your happiness In fact, with it in your possession, you will be able to accommodate up to 6 adults simultaneously while enjoying the perfect stability due to its high-end polyester structure, as well as its ultra-resistant roll. .

The Intex Easy Set inflatable pool offers a diameter of 4.57 meters by a height of 84 centimeters, which will give you all the latitude you need to enjoy all the water leisure activities, although it is true that it will not really be possible to reach lengths. Regardless, for its price, the Intex Easy Set Inflatable Pool is still quite satisfactory, and by choosing to equip with it, your satisfaction is likely to reach new heights. .

What is the value of the Bestway children's pool with paddling pool?

In the summer, your kids are probably the ones who want a pool the most. outside the house, and you have to admit, if you didn't stop them, they could spend all of their days there, as this water crew is so entertaining. However, sometimes finding the right inflatable paddling pool can be tricky as there are so many different models. However, the Bestway Kiddie Pool with Paddling Pool has the credit of getting everyone to agree. Resistant and economical at the same time, it will allow all children to have fun, and particularly the little ones, always under the supervision of an adult of course.

If the Bestway paddling pool with paddling pool has established itself as a benchmark in this field, it is above all because it is ultra economical . Whatever your budget, thanks to it you will be able to please your little ones without weakening your budget. What we also like about it is that the quality is quite there, so it is a paddling pool that you can reuse for several years. Finally, with a length of 201 centimeters by a width of 150 centimeters, this paddling pool takes up very little space, which makes it suitable even for the smallest spaces.

Our opinion on the Family Intex rectangular pool

With its rectangular shape, its length of 262 centimeters and its width of 175 centimeters, the family rectangular pool Intex is an inexpensive inflatable kiddie pool model that will allow your young children to have hours of fun without ever getting bored and, of course, in complete safety. Composed of 3 tubes, this small pool that offers a maximum water height of 30 centimeters can be considered really durable in the sense that it is made with high quality materials capable of withstanding many uses without ever breaking, even if it is recommended to put it on a protective tarp.

If we would like to present this rectangular family pool from Intex, it is d 'on the one hand because it will necessarily suit your children, but also because it will be extremely practical for you. Whether to inflate or deflate, everything will be ready in just a few minutes. As for its filling, a cubic meter of water is enough, which will prevent you from having to face the impatience of your children. Finally, even to empty it, you will not have difficulty in planning since the brand has thought of an ultra simplified system. In short, this cheap rectangular pool has it all.

How about the inflatable pool with Intex chair?

Summer is obviously the ideal season to have fun, to enjoy moments of conviviality with loved ones, but it is also a great opportunity to relax and unwind. And if the heat is excessive, you will surely be happy to enjoy the inflatable pool with Intex chair . This equipment, to say the least original, will be your best ally for rest and de-stress afternoons. After inflating it and filling it with water, all you need to do is equip yourself with a good book, a small cocktail or your favorite music and settle in to feel all the pressure fly away.

With its diameter of about 224 centimeters , the inflatable pool with chair offers all the space you need to feel perfectly comfortable. even if it's as true for two adults, the place could sell out. Anyway, in view of its extremely attractive price and its indisputable general quality, this original inflatable pool has all the necessary assets to make your summer always more pleasant.

How to choose an inflatable pool adapted to your needs? All our tips!

It is true that the inflatable pool can seem very simple to choose because it has a very minimalist appearance. But in reality, for your satisfaction to reach peaks, you will need to take into consideration some very specific criteria that we list below. So, in a few moments, you will know exactly how to choose an inflatable pool that is perfect from every point of view.

The shape and dimensions of your next inflatable pool

To make your search for the perfect inflatable pool as successful as possible, first it will be important for you to focus on the ideal form of your future team. Very often, inflatable pools are circular as they offer better support and therefore greater durability. But you can also find square or rectangular models that will have the particular advantage of being more easily combined with pool covers such as those marketed by, one of the leaders in this industry.

But, of course, it will also be very important that you take a few minutes to assess the ideal dimensions of your inflatable pool. In fact, these should be fully in accordance with your requirements. If you are alone, a pool that is too large will probably be useless, while a model that is too small would not be suitable for a large family. Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, sellers transparently communicate the capabilities of the models they offer.

The general quality and materials of a good inflatable pool


Even if it is often very affordable economically, your pool should not be of inferior quality. In fact, it is imperative that it can last as long as possible so that you do not have to buy new every year. To quickly find out if an inflatable pool is of good quality or not, the most obvious way is to consult the opinions of consumers, whose main interest is to be genuinely transparent and honest at the same time.

But in inflatable pool descriptions, there are many clues that can help you get an idea of ​​the overall quality of a particular model. In fact, the materials used are not always the same. While kevlar or polyester are great materials that will make your gear really durable, others like plain rubber are much more questionable.

Equipment and accessories for your inflatable pool

An inflatable pool must also be accompanied by several different equipment and accessories that allow it to remain as functional as the first day, while ensuring your safety. physical and health. So when you begin your search for the perfect inflatable pool, keep these few accessories in mind as they will be the source of your ultimate satisfaction. And we have to admit, without them, your investment could quickly turn into a dud.

First of all, prefer inflatable pools that come with a protective cover. This will be placed between your equipment and the ground to better reduce the risk of leaks or punctures. Then more and more inflatable pools are equipped with a water filtration system. The main objective of this is to constantly clean the pool water so that it is perfectly clean and hygienic without you having to do anything. This way, you don't have to empty and refill your pool all the time, saving you precious time and a lot of money.

Now find out which inflatable pools are preferred by customers in 2021!

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