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2021 buying and comparison guide to choose the best pool robot!

If you are lucky enough to own an above-ground or in-ground pool, then you know that it will require very good maintenance. rigorous to remain as new as possible, but also to be perfectly hygienic. And we must admit that maintaining a swimming pool can be long and tedious, especially since it is necessary to use many products and equipment. Fortunately, some devices are designed to make your job easier. This is particularly the case for the pool robot that we will talk about in this buying guide. By choosing to equip yourself with it, you will have in your possession an important asset to fully enjoy your pool without having to suffer the inconveniences that accompany it.

Hayward RC9994C Tiger Shark: Voted best pool robot 2021!

Many times pool robots only offer one type of cleaning and, depending on your pool, it may be necessary to buy several different models, which would obviously have an impact particularly big on your budget. However, some teams are capable of fulfilling several different missions, such as the Hayward RC9994C multifunction pool robot that will quickly become essential for you. In fact, it is an ultra-efficient, high-end device that can only fully satisfy you.

Able to clean the bottom of a pool also wall or water line, for example, the pool robot Hayward RC9994C Tiger Shark It offers a suction flow of 17 m3/h, which places it directly as one of the most efficient of its generation. But what also makes all its interest is the fact that it is perfectly autonomous since it has an intelligent movement mode that will detect dirt and identify the areas already cleaned. In short, if you are looking for the best pool robot, the Hayward RC9994C is the one for you!

Zodiac Vortex OV 3505: The most efficient pool robot sold by Amazon!

The Zodiac Vortex OV 3505 pool cleaner is an extraordinary, ultra-powerful and efficient model, which will be able to clean your pool quickly and will guarantee impressive results. Thanks to it, maintaining your pool has never been so easy and pleasant, and there is no doubt that after seeing its effectiveness, it will be unthinkable that you can do without it. The brand put on an impressive show of force in developing it, and since its existence, this device has been considered the best pool robot of all time.

If the pool robot Zodiac Vortex OV 3505 is also efficient, this is explained in particular by the fact that it can clean everything type of rigid surfaces as it has a cutting edge diamond tip. In addition, it can clean the entire pool without the slightest problem and it has a 120 meter power cord, which makes it ideal for even the largest pools. Finally, many different settings are possible and programmable in advance, but if you wish, you can also guide this Zodiac Vortex pool robot using a remote control.

Bestway 58519: The best cheap pool cleaner in 2021!

You may have already seen that the price of a pool cleaner can quickly reach tops, which is explained by the fact that this type of equipment is ultra technologically advanced and that is obviously designed with high-end materials to be able to resist water on the one hand and dirt on the other hand. However, there are also some models that will allow you to take care of your pool automatically without breaking the bank. This is the case with the autonomous pool robot Bestway 58519 which is offered at an irresistible price and which, nevertheless, is still ultra-efficient to clean a flat bottom pool without having the slightest finger. to lift.

Currently, the Bestway 58519 pool robot is a real success, and its low price is not the only reason for this, as it is a high-end device. performance capable of cleaning all flat bottom pools, as long as they measure a maximum of 50 m². In addition, with its 60-minute battery life, it is capable of offering you excellent results. Forget pool robots that only deliver partial or unconvincing results, as the Bestway 58519 will be eager to complete its mission with every use. Clearly, this device deserves its reputation as the best budget pool cleaner .

Dolphin Maytronics T35: A versatile cordless pool cleaner!

Choosing a pool robot often means making compromises. Between corded models, devices with limited autonomy or flat bottom pool robots, many hours of research are generally necessary. Unless you become familiar with the Dolphin Maytronic T35 , a versatile cordless pool robot that adapts to all pools without exception and that, thanks to its record 2-hour autonomy, guarantees a thorough cleaning of your aquatic equipment, thus allowing you to always benefit from the best hygiene in your pool.

The Dolphin Maytronics T35 cordless pool robot is equipped with a rotating silicone brush whose mission will be to dislodge dirt that may have stuck to the interior walls of your pool . Then, its various filters will capture all the dirt, even if it is microscopic, so that in two hours your pond recovers all its original cleanliness. In addition, and this is probably the best quality of the Dolphin Maytronics T35, can be used in all types of coatings , be it on tiles, cladding, concrete or well, reinforced PVC, for example.

What are the advantages offered by a robot cleaner?

Today, almost all pool owners equip themselves with a robotic pool cleaner. And obviously this is by no means a simple fad, since such equipment can be particularly effective, but also very practical and profitable. In fact, by choosing to equip yourself with it, you will have in your possession a device thanks to which your pool will always be perfectly clean, and this without having to plan cleaning hours since the pool robot will take care of everything for you. This will allow you to go about your business and ensure that when the time comes, you will be swimming in a perfectly clean and hygienic pool.

Of course, it doesn't matter. It is also not about choosing the first equipment to come, so we invite you to find the Hayward, Maytronics and Zodiac pool robots in Piscineco, making sure to take advantage of the high quality equipment. But what is also very important to take into account is the fact that a pool robot will make your aquatic equipment much more durable over time. The structure itself, because it will be better maintained, will resist longer, and the filtration systems will be less tense, so it can remain functional, too, much longer.

How to choose a pool robot? All editorial tips!

At first glance, it is true that the pool robot can be scary since, as can be the case with a robotic lawnmower or for a gasoline brush cutter It is a very complex equipment with especially technical characteristics. However, in reality, choosing a pool robot is not as difficult as it sounds, as there are relatively few criteria to consider. To help you see things more clearly, here are some tips.

The type of cleaning that your next pool cleaner offers

Before even buying a pool cleaner, it is essential that you take the time to study the type of cleaning it offers. Indeed, depending on the models, the proposed cleaning can be totally different since some equipment is capable of cleaning only the bottom of the pool while others have the main mission of taking care of the water line. Specifically, this is about identifying what your real needs are, which will greatly simplify your research.

However, if you are looking for a device capable of cleaning your entire pool, we recommend that choose a multi-function pool robot that It generally has three types of maintenance which are cleaning the water line, walls, as well as the bottom of the pool, of course. These kits are a bit more expensive to buy, however, it must also be recognized that they will really simplify your daily life.

The suction flow and the type of movement of a powerful pool robot

Another very important point that will be at the origin of your satisfaction, the ideal suction flow of your pool robot. It's all about finding the value that perfectly matches the volume of water your pool contains. Expressed in m3/h, the suction flow is related to the speed of your equipment. Generally, this value is between 12 and 18 m3/h. The higher it is, the faster the cleaner will be and can therefore be considered efficient.

In addition, so that you have less time to spend on maintaining your pool, it is important that your equipment is as autonomous as possible. That is why we advise you to take a few minutes to consider the type of movement of the pool robot that interests you. If you're smart, that means your device will automatically detect dirt. On the other hand, if not, it is possible that the latter passes several times through the same places and that others are left to one side.

The type of lining and the shape of the pool taken into account by a pool robot

Not all pools they are made in the same way and very logically, therefore they cannot be cleaned from the same path. In fact, if it is made of tiles, your pool will need a different care than reserved for a PVC pool. Therefore, when choosing a pool robot, it is important that you focus on the type of coating that the device can take into account, so as not to end up with unsuitable equipment. according to your expectations.

Also, in most cases, quality pool robots can take into account all shapes of pools, from circular to rectangular through those with a slight incline. But we invite you anyway to check this criterion before making the purchase so as not to be caught off guard. If this information is not stated, it is better to go your way rather than risk buying a model that cannot clean your pool.

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