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What is the best car alarm 2021? Systems comparison

The 4 best car alarms of the year!

Unfortunately, car theft is a plague in France since, each year, there are around 200,000 vehicles that disappear, and this number is constantly increasing, as even though car manufacturers are developing increasingly advanced security systems. This is simply due to the fact that the wrongdoers themselves evolve and improve. To avoid having to go through these kinds of experiences that can be disastrous for you, it is best that install a car alarm in your vehicle, which is not complicated. In this article, we'll share all of our expert tips with you to help you choose the right one for you.

Basic, all recent cars come with an anti-theft system, however, since it is mostly generic, a malicious person will have no difficulty disabling it. The same is not the case with car alarm systems, which are much safer and, therefore, will ensure that your car is perfectly protected, provided you choose the right one, of course. In fact, as might be the case with battery jump starters or electric car coolers for example, your satisfaction will largely depend on the care you show in your research, hence this guide to 'buy on the car alarm .

Carlock: The best car alarm with GPS tracker

When a car theft occurs, it is often difficult to find the stolen car. Faced with this sad reality, the Carlock company offers you an effective solution: the Carlock Car Alarm with GPS Locator . It will be very useful to track your vehicle in case of theft. You can also use it when your child takes his car on a trip. Have you never heard of such a device? We tested it and decided to present it to you.

Introducing Carlock car alarm with GPS tracker

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As you already know, this car tracker is designed by Carlock brand. It uses the cloud, GPS tracking and a modern application. It is equipped with a powerful monitoring and alarm function. Your car only needs to take an unusual trip or any other suspicious action (engine running, for example) for you to receive a notification on the phone, even if the device is disconnected. You can then follow the movements of your vehicle through the application.

The Carlock car alarm with GPS Tracker has a “virtual mechanic” function “.Therefore, Carlock monitors the general condition of your vehicle at all times and alerts you if your battery is flat or if you have a leak.The alarm also has a travel history.It records the entire route taken.This way, you can have the geolocation of your car and control its Actions.This function is very useful if you lend your car to someone or if it has been stolen.

Our opinion about the Carlock car alarm with GPS Tracker

Packed in a rectangular cardboard box, the Carlock GPS Tracker car alarm is very durable.In addition to the device, you will find a very detailed manual in the packaging. The device is very discreet .This means that thieves cannot suspect that such equipment is installed in the car.

Regarding the application, we can say that 'it is well done and does not suffer any errors In particular.It is compatible with all devices.Its performance is excellent.Carlock car alarm detects sudden acceleration, hard braking and sharp turns. It is easy to install and use .The only big problem that you may face will be finding the OBD port on your car.We must admit that it took us a bit to find it ourselves.

Technaxx TX-100 car alarm

The Technaxx TX-100 car alarm is a very amazing automotive safety device as it comes in the simple form of a cigarette lighter charger, but actually contains advanced technical features that will allow you to always ensure that your vehicle is perfectly protected.In fact, when you leave your car, all you have to do is plug the Technaxx TX-100 car alarm into the cigarette lighter socket and activate it, after which, for 6 days, thanks to its autonomy, this equipment will detect the slightest anomaly.

As soon as a movement of the vehicle is felt, the alarm Technaxx TX-100 car enters walk and emits a loud siren of sound 110 decibels that obvious It will have an immediate deterrent effect on criminals.In fact, the brand has shown a lot of originality and professionalism when imagining this economical equipment that knows how to be truly reliable.And to make everything absolutely perfect, the Technaxx TX-100 car alarm is even You can use it to charge your electronic equipment as it has 2 USB charging ports.To conclude, if you want to protect your car effectively without having to invest several hundred euros in a complete equipment, choosing the Technaxx TX-100 is necessarily the best Decision you can make right now because one thing is for sure, you will not be disappointed!

What exactly is a car alarm?

The car alarm is a complete device that will let you know that your car is always in perfect security and that, in case it is stolen, you can It takes just a few seconds to locate it.In fact, when developing this equipment, brands have thought of everything, since it is a deterrent device that, in most cases, forces the thief to back off.You risk being caught on the spot.Also note that now, this kit is so powerful and so useful that some auto insurance companies offer discounts to customers whose vehicles are equipped with a car alarm.

A car alarm is connected to the vehicle's electrical network.It can then be placed directly in the passenger compartment or hidden in a place in the car that only you know.Then, Unless you search your car from top to bottom, a thief will not be able to find This device is designed to trigger as soon as a forced opening is detected.From this point on, the GPS tracker (if equipped with the alarm) will start, allowing you to track your vehicle.But most importantly, will sound a loud beep , which will alarm the whole neighborhood that a car is being stolen.And this simple sound signal, in the vast majority of cases, forces the malicious person to give up their Try and run away.

Comparison of the 10 best-selling car alarms of the moment

How to choose the right car alarm? All our tips!

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In itself, choosing an alarm for a car is not extremely complex since, as for “data-token=” 439 “> self-diagnosis cases, these are just some criteria These criteria, however few, should be studied as rigorously as possible. To begin with, you will need to look at the power system of the device, as there are several types. In fact, some connect to the vehicle's OBD socket (the easiest to use) while others, ultra-discreet, have to be connected to the car battery or even the electrical circuit, using 'a domino, which requires some notions in car electricity. Fortunately, today in Today most of the models that you will find for sale work through the OBD socket, which will allow you to install your car alarm in just a few seconds.

Then you should take an interest in the car alarm functions, as they obviously have to meet all your expectations. All models for sale offer an anti-theft system that activates the vehicle's horn and hazard lights if forced or stands up, for example. But other car alarms go much further as they have a GPS tracker that will allow you to always know exactly where your vehicle is thanks to a smartphone application. Finally, also take into account the reputation of the car alarm.At this level, there are large disparities between the different equipment, and to get a clear idea of ​​the quality and reliability of a car alarm, the best thing you can do is take into account the opinions of the customers that you will provide valuable information.

How much does a good car alarm cost?

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When we have to buy new products and equipment for the car, such as “data-token=” 792 “> plastic renovators for cars or efficient snow socks” data-token=”364″>, obviously the question of price always comes up. And for good reason, the car is a very important expense item in a French household, and many consumers want to save as much as possible on this item of expense. The good news is that a good car alarm doesn't have to be very expensive, especially since it should be seen as a profitable investment in the sense that you won't pay more for your car insurance because of a penalty related to the theft of the vehicle. Not to mention the worries, stress and shock this theft would cause. Clearly, to buy a reliable and efficient car alarm, plan on a budget of between 100 and 450 euros.

Of course, the price Of a car alarm depends on many characteristics since, as with respect to all areas, which is the vehicle itself or its next Direct Insurance, quite logically, a model equipped with a GPS tracker will cost more than a standard model. The same goes for ultra-sophisticated equipment capable of remotely locking the car's power supply as soon as the theft is noticed. It's true that such spending can be intimidating, and it can be quite tempting to put it off until later. However, we cannot highly recommend that you take the plunge now and buy a car alarm as soon as possible before it's too late.

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