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How to know if a tire is worn?

A worn tire shows some signs that are not wrong. To know if your tires need to be changed, you need to measure the depth of the grooves in the heart of your treads. The evaluation criteria must respect some regulations.

Calculate your tire wear

The life of your tires varies depending on several factors. It depends on both your driving attitude and the driving environment your tires are exposed to. As you can see, for example, on specialized sites such as Auto Moto, you will also find that tire wear is also highly dependent on the quality of the tires. . Therefore, it is impossible to determine this wear based solely on the type of tire used in a given season or the number of kilometers on the odometer. A visual inspection must be performed at least once per front , before installing the tires. This process includes evaluating the different parts of your tires to make sure they meet safety standards.

Your tire wear indicators