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Certificate of non-pledge: what is it for?

The certificate of non-commitment is a necessary administrative document in the context of the sale of a vehicle that you can also request spontaneously to ensure that ' There are no administrative problems related to your car. There are two types of certificates of non-commitment, which we will present to you in this article.

The simple certificate of non-commitment

The simple certificate of non-commitment is the most pleasant to receive as it is issued only if no particular problem is attributed to your car. So when it has been issued to you, you can freely transfer your car and registration card to either a private or professional buyer. The information entered in the simple certificate of no pledge are the vehicle registration, the date of establishment of the document, as well as the mentions that indicate that no particular pledge has been issued against your car.

The detailed certificate of non-commitment

On the other hand, if you receive a detailed certificate of non-commitment , then this will not be a good sign, as it will mean that an administrative problem is related to your vehicle. Specifically, this document is in the form of a simple non-pledge certificate in the sense that it includes the registration of your vehicle, however, additional information will be detailed. Therefore, with a detailed certificate of non-pledge, it will be impossible for you to transfer your car to a private individual or a professional, be it a free transfer, paid or for destruction.

In the detailed certificate of non-pledge, will know exactly why your vehicle is pledged . It could be, for example, an outstanding credit on the vehicle that has not been paid, or even a vehicle that has been declared stolen and has not been found by the police. It is also possible that your car has been seized for non-payment of fixed fines, and this for at least 4 months after the increase of this same fine was sent. Finally, if you have received a visit from a bailiff for debts of any kind, again, it is possible that your vehicle has been pledged at the time of payment of these debts. Once you have this information, it will therefore be your responsibility to take the necessary steps to lift this penalty with respect to your vehicle.

How to obtain the certificate of non-pledge of your vehicle?

To obtain a certificate of non-commitment, you will have to take very few steps and not pay a penny. In fact, you can go to the prefecture or sub-prefecture, in which case the document will be delivered to you instantly, or will perform this process online , on the Public Service website, in which case this document will be delivered to you will send by email or postal mail, depending on your preferences. Of course, to obtain a certificate of non-commitment, it will be necessary to verify your identity. Therefore, bring your ID and your gray card. Finally, you can also make this request by mail that you will send to the prefecture, remembering to attach your proof of identity and your current address.

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