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Camping is a very popular activity because it allows you to enjoy the outdoors, but also because, as for charcoal barbecues or inflatable pools and pools, invites relaxation and conviviality. But when the question of hygiene arises, it is true that some difficulties may arise. In fact, if you are on a campsite, the idea of ​​sharing common bathrooms may put some off. And if you are a wild camping, defecating in nature is not the most comfortable solution. That's why camping toilets, also known as W.C portable camping , are so popular. In this comparison we are going to tell you everything about them so that you can also improve your comfort during your next camps.

Why buy camping toilets? What are its advantages?

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Camping toilets are hygiene products that are becoming popular because they only offer advantages, starting of course with the comfort that they allow you to benefit when you go on an excursion. And for good reason, this is very easy to transport equipment, generally weighing less than 2 kilograms, and it will allow to do business as comfortably as if you were at home . You just need to find a secluded corner for your privacy and place your portable toilet there. This equipment is equipped with a waste collector, which in most cases is in the form of a garbage bag or, in some cases, a bucket. But there are also dry toilets that, due to their ecological aspect, can be emptied into the ground, but under certain conditions since a product of this type can only be emptied in nature, far from any home, and that the waste contained must only be biodegradable.

So camping toilets are easy to transport and comfortable, but are also very popular for their hygienic side . In fact, by doing your business in nature or in poorly cleaned common toilets, you know that you are exposing yourself to certain risks of disease due to the various bacteria that proliferate at an exponential rate. By choosing to use a portable toilet for camping, you will not be at risk of any skin attack or urinary tract infection. Clearly, if you finally want to solve the problem of toilets when camping and you dream of increasing your comfort even more even in the middle of nature, then camping toilets are made for you.

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How to choose the right camping toilet?

Choosing a camping toilet is far from being complicated, even if it is still necessary to rigorously study some very precise selection criteria, with as much attention as if you had You choose a new memory foam mattress or even a beginner's telescope. The first thing you should do, being a piece of equipment intended to be transported, its weight should not be a brake for you. That is why we strongly recommend that you take an interest in this weight, ideally choosing lightweight camping toilets weighing less than 2 kilograms , otherwise you would feel like you are making a move during your excursions. In the vast majority of cases, these products are made of ABS plastic, known to be strong and light at the same time. Therefore, most portable camping toilets are lightweight, but there are also much heavier wooden models that are more designed to be installed durably.

Second, your attention should be focused on the type of camping toilet waste collector, as there are three types. Some models have a plastic bag that you just have to throw away, others have a bucket that looks like a bucket and the last one, very ecological, works on the same principle as dry toilets. At this level, there is no one type of collector who is better than the others, as it is above all about making your choice according to your personal expectations. Finally, the last criterion for choosing camping toilets refers to the quality of the product itself, as well as its ease of maintenance. Before buying, make sure that your equipment is easy to clean so that it is perfectly hygienic, and that it is also strong enough to be used intensively without risk of breaking. .

Where to buy good quality camping toilets at a good price?

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Camping toilets are very specific products, to say the least, and it is true that, unless you go to a specialized store, you will find it difficult to find, especially because, Unfortunately, in the vast majority of cases, you will have to pay a high price to offer quality equipment that is able to guarantee your comfort and hygiene. But there is also an easy way to buy cheaper portable camping toilets without sacrificing quality. In fact, if you want to become the owner of quality equipment that will prove to be impeccable at all levels, the best solution available to you is to buy your camping toilet on

Throughout the year, offers a great selection of portable camping toilets at the best prices so you can indulge yourself, whatever your budget . But regularly, and especially with the arrival of summer, the brand will also provide you with promotional camping toilets so that you can benefit from unbeatable prices on the best models of the moment. Clearly, to be sure of getting a good deal and taking better care of your finances, shopping for portable toilets on is the best thing to do.

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