Bedding: the criteria for choosing well.

Your bedding is the first guarantee of the quality of your sleep. Lack of sleep and tiredness caused by insomnia have a direct impact on your health and your ability to perform your daily tasks. Choosing the right bedding set allows you to enjoy a true restful sleep, but also to invest in items that will serve you for years to come. Here's what to remember to find the right references for you!

How important is good bedding?

Most sleep problems are just … bad bedding. Well chosen, all the support that you lie on will be a great ally for your health. Your bedding will protect you against many problems.

Get over insomnia

This is possibly the most common problem in adults. Insomnia, however, is not the prerogative of young workers, over 40 or older. The problem is also common in children. Persistent difficulty falling asleep is mainly due to inadequate and uncomfortable bedding. Therefore, investing in a good quality bed such as those available on the site is essential to regulate your nights. The use of adapted bedding , associated with a review of your lifestyle, will help you find a sleep cycle that suits your habits and needs.

Minimize back pain

It is not uncommon for back pain to suffer: cervical pressure, pain in the neck or shoulders, low back pain are often related to a bad sleeping position and a mattress that is too hard, too soft, or poorly ventilated. Good bedding should allow you to sleep peacefully , without hindering your movements.

During the night, we change positions on average 40 times. . The ideal mattress and box spring should provide you with optimal comfort , regardless of the position in which you sleep. A bed adapted to your needs will allow you to sleep in good conditions, without interfering with the sleep of the person sharing your bed. The presence of comfort zones that personalize the ease of use of bedding is an important asset to sleep better.

Fight against stress

Health professionals say that sleeping on a comfortable mattress helps reduce stress and pressure . The bedding you feel good in has the ability to relax you and have a positive effect on the way your body handles stress and anxiety.

A bed that meets your body's expectations gives you complete and immediate relief.

Physical pain relief

Adequate bed will also have the advantageous effect of relieving physical pain, especially in the lower back and in the joints (shoulders, neck, hips, etc.). The type of mattress that will be recommended will be the one that will reduce the pain felt in the body. If standard mattresses are sufficient to alleviate minor aches and pains, localized physical aches and pains will easily find models designed to improve your comfort

Which mattress material to choose?

The bedding industry has significantly changed the materials and technologies used in mattresses. Today you can choose between foam, latex and springs, each offering a particular type of comfort.

The memory foam mattress

Made in polyester or polyurethane, this type of mattress is not suitable for wet rooms . Recognized for its softness, it offers little firmness and a great capacity to adapt to the morphology of its user. The memory foam mattress is very popular: comfortable and practical, it is among the most accessible mattresses on the market. This type of bed offers an attractive price/quality ratio if you have a limited budget or are looking for a children's mattress.

The spring mattress

Offering optimized sleeping independence, the spring mattress is a ventilated model, suitable for all types of environments. Associated with a bed base of the same technology, it offers efficient heat and humidity management . This type of mattress is also known for its ease of maintenance. The multi-threaded models feature a homogeneous support that will meet your expectations, whatever their size. This technology promotes the adoption of a natural sleeping position.

The latex mattress

This last type of mattress is recommended for people with allergies or sensitive. Its hypoallergenic capabilities make it a very suitable mattress for healthy and comfortable bedding. The latex mattress, natural or synthetic, offers a combination of softness and firmness thanks to which you get personalized support. The presence of various comfort zones allows you to benefit from a firmness adapted to the different areas of the body and to your complexion. The latex mattress also provides practical support for the spine, neck and head.

What type of bed base for good bedding?

Contrary to a general practice, the choice of the bed base is not made at random. An essential base for bedding, this support has several functions, in particular designed to cushion movements that the mattress cannot perform on its own. It also provides an aeration feature that will help maintain bedding. A good bed base prolongs the life of your mattress and increases the comfort it offers.

  • The bed frame with slats emphasize firm comfort, suitable for foam or latex mattresses such as baby cribs. This type of bed base optimizes ventilation and the quality of the bed. Articulated or not, it is recommended for people with allergies or with special hygiene needs.
  • The bed base or bed base is also known for its ventilation quality. Recommended for people suffering from back pain, the mattress first adapts to mattresses of the same technology.
  • The mattress : recommended For an extra firm bed, the base of the floor is rigid and robust. Combined with a softer mattress, it provides practical wearing comfort.
  • The bed base : the Studded model is a model with slats featuring active studs. By facilitating movement tracking, it is especially recommended for users who are at risk of allergy or rheumatism.

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