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Recipes for a good night’s sleep in summer

We all love to enjoy the summer heat, the time we spend in the garden, on the terrace of our favorite cafe or on the beach. The only downside is that the summer period also rhymes with intense heat, even at night. And many of us find it difficult to get used to it, so much so that for some the summer night implies insomnia. How to sleep well in this summer heat? We offer you the best techniques that work.

Ventilate your room well

You can use different tips to take advantage of a good night's sleep in summer . You can use a mattress with the summer side or use the natural summer quilt, now available in many stores. But above all, good ventilation is essential, during the day and at night.

In summer, the challenge is to be able to bring in less heat and more fresh air. Opening windows during the early hours of the day helps to restore good quality air and expel polluted air at night. But to prevent the interior temperature from rising, it is advisable to close the blinds during the day, before opening them again at dusk. You have to wait for the outside temperature to drop to do it.

It is also necessary to leave the windows open at night. Cooler temperatures reign between midnight and 6 a.m. By having the windows open, you can draw a draft into your room, which helps to cool it down. It also helps you release air concentrated in carbon dioxide. With a lower CO2 level, you can enjoy deep sleep and avoid nighttime awakenings.

Protection against mosquitoes

Do you hesitate to leave the windows open for fear of being bitten by mosquitoes all night? Mosquito bites and strong heat inside, however, lead you to the same situations as insomnia and nighttime awakenings. Therefore, the ideal would be to leave the windows open and have an effective technique to protect yourself from these bloodsuckers.

In our list, we have the mosquito net and insecticides to offer you. At night, you can plug a mosquito repellent diffuser in your room or use a spray can. In this case, you must close the windows and doors for about half an hour for the product to work. Also, avoid staying inside the room while the product takes effect.

However, it is necessary to open the windows afterwards to renew the air in your room. To avoid the entry of mosquitoes and sleep peacefully at night, equip yourself with a mosquito net. You can install it on your windows. This way you can sleep with the windows open.

Use the mattress with the summer side

Memory foam mattresses or not today have two sides, summer and winter. To distinguish them, you only need to locate the label sewn on your mattress. It is generally found on the winter side. The difference between these two sides is in the padding. The winter side is actually thicker to retain body heat as much as possible when sleeping. The summer side, however, has lighter padding. This lightweight padding is made to prevent sweating and feeling warm when you sleep. It gives you more comfort, ideal for a good sleep. From the first heat of spring, therefore, consider switching to the summer side. Wait for fall to bring your mattress back to the winter side again. In addition, changing the face of the mattress once a year optimizes its useful life.

I prefer light and special summer quilts for sleeping

As soon as summer comes, you must remember to leave put aside the thick winter duvets to change them for lighter models. Sleeping in a light duvet prevents you from having to deal with heavy sweating at night, which can prevent you from falling asleep. In this regard, you can opt for down duvets, which are more breathable than synthetic duvets.

Designed for en Summer, these quilts are very light and promote comfort during sleep. Lighter than winter duvets, its down filling ensures air circulation and prevents sweating. They also have a naturally breathable cotton cover. Thanks to the breathability of their cotton fabric, they have an anti-perspiration effect and offer the softness you need to sleep well despite the summer heat.

Avoid them before going to bed arousing

Stimulants are known enemies of sleep quality. Therefore, it is necessary to prohibit them in summer, at the risk of ending insomnia and an overwhelming state of fatigue upon waking. Between them you have coffee and tea. Due to the caffeine they contain, they make it difficult to fall asleep. Similarly, sodas that contain a high proportion of caffeine should be avoided at night if you want to sleep well.

Chocolate is also on the list due to the alkaloids it contains and which are stimulating. Certain medications, drugs, or antidepressants are also not recommended at night due to their stimulating effect. Also, limit foods that are too sweet, which can cause an energy boost and prevent you from falling asleep easily at the right time.

By the way, although one may have some doubt, alcohol is still prohibited. It certainly causes rapid sleep, but it does alter the quality of sleep. In fact, it reduces the paradoxical sleep time. Therefore, enjoying a restful sleep should be avoided. The same goes for certain foods such as oatmeal, spices, or dishes high in fat and carbohydrates. Difficult to digest, they delay falling asleep.

Therefore, the rule of thumb is to eat lightly and avoid stimulants after 4pm. or even after 2 p.m. more sensitive. Also, avoid using bright screens before sleeping: television, computer, phone and tablet. In fact, exposure to light from these screens disrupts the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

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