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Comparison and buyer’s guide to choosing the right strapless bra.

The most common mistake when buying a bra is getting the wrong size. Many girls wear underwear that is too small or too big, and without knowing it. Bust and cup size are two very different things. And in a strapless bra, a mistake can mean the difference between the perfect purchase and an unusable bra. When it comes to choosing a strapless style, measure yourself at an underwear store or ask an experienced friend for help before making your purchase.

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A strapless model should fit exactly the correct bust and cup size, not like the adhesive bra bye-bye bra, especially if you don't try it on before buying (when buying on the internet for example). If possible, I advise you to go to the store to try the model that you like the most. Some strapless bras, even if they are the correct size, will not fit your body, because they are standard styles and each body is different. If you are shopping online, make sure you can return the product so you won't be disappointed if it doesn't fit. Or do your shopping together so you can exchange the models that fit or not, among friends!

Note that the most frequent problem is a size problem. As long as you are sure of your measurements, it is rare that a strapless bra is not suitable. A strapless bra will be just as effective as a strapless bra. If a bra slips or does not fit, it is not a problem with the model but with the size. A bra of the correct size should stay perfectly in place and support your breasts in all positions, whether it leans forward, backward, or pops into place. Many girls have the wrong size or misconceptions about their breast size and buy a bra that is too big or too small. Do not make this mistake and check it several times before buying.

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The plus size strapless bra

Strapless bras come in all sizes, including small and large breasts. For sizes a little out of the ordinary (cup A or D +) you just have to spend a little more time looking. Most brands are happy to cater to the majority and are not small or large, so if you have a slightly larger or smaller bust than average, you may need to buy a little more, but Who would really complain? 😉 Above all, don't make the mistake that many busty girls make when choosing a size below. A bra, especially strapless, is designed for a certain size.

If you wear a size smaller than your actual size, the elastic will relax very quickly and the bra will no longer offer any support. And so it will be uncomfortable to wear, and above all very unnecessary. Even if the seller recommends it, please do not choose a size below. There is a strapless bra suitable for all sizes.

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Disadvantages of strapless bra support

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There are far fewer bra styles strapless than normal bra. And so it is a little more complicated to find a model that we like and that adapts to our body. Fortunately, this is not a very big problem, because when we search a little we always find the lingerie that we like. You will just have to spend a little more time, and maybe buy a little more, to find the perfect model. Usually we do not wear a strapless bra in everyday life, but on special occasions. So the problem of scarcity is not really one. When you find the model you like, you won't need to buy a new one every 2-3 months because it will wear out much less quickly than the rest of your lingerie.

Even if you are looking for a plus size strapless bra, it is a bit more difficult, but not impossible. Most lingerie stores have strapless models. The only real minor drawback: the price that is still higher than that of a classic bra. It is still reasonable, generally less than 30 euros, and you can even find it for less than 15 euros at the first price as for all other models.

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