Which GPS tracker for dogs to choose? The detailed buying guide!

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Taking care of a dog is a very demanding job. In addition to feeding it well, it must be well supervised. When away from its surroundings, the animal sometimes becomes difficult to detect. While it can be helpful, a simple collar around the neck will not be enough to locate your pet when it escapes. The GPS tracker for dogs allows you to control the movements of your dog and find it thanks to a transmitter. So how do you choose a quality dog ​​GPS tracker? Where to get it? All the details in this guide.

Tractive GPS dog tracker: an efficient product

The Tractive GPS dog tracker connects to a smartphone or computer. Its purpose is to locate your dog or animal at all times, regardless of its position. It has a SIM card that allows operation without distance restriction . When it comes to multiple networks, the tracking coverage extends to almost the entire territory. The plotter automatically detects the available network. In the event that this is not available, it will always work in another available. But it can't work when there is no network. Therefore, a subscription is required. The GPS tracker allows you to track your animal in real time. It is possible to define a virtual fence according to its environment. A signal sent to your smartphone will warn you if your dog leaves its definition zone.

Depending on the model, you can see the history of its positions and other characteristics that allow you to better control your dog. Location tracking can be global. The Tractive GPS tracker works in more than 150 countries. Its battery can have 2 to 5 days of autonomy. It is usually rechargeable in less than two hours. The frequency of updating the GPS tracker data is important. When the GPS collar is in live tracking mode, your dog's location is updated every 2 to 3 seconds . This gadget is compatible with the Android or iOS system. The product generally comes with a case suitable for all collars and harnesses, a USB cable, a charging base, and a user guide.

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The advantages of the GPS tracker for dogs

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The GPS tracker allows you to find your animal quickly since you know its position at all times. You can then ensure the safety of your dog without stress or anxiety. It is possible to anticipate their movements and avoid risk areas. In addition, the tracking device is lightweight and practical. You can take the accessory almost anywhere and know the position of your dog, whatever yours. It is also possible to train your dog using signals emitted by the GPS tracker. The GPS tracker emits a signal for you to eat your food or to come home.

The GPS tracker is not just profitable for dogs. It can also be used with other animals: cat, horse and others, although, in some cases, it is better to choose more specific equipment such as the GPS Tracking Collar for cats for example. Thus, the animal has more freedom and can enjoy it. This contributes to your well-being. Animals run away for various reasons, including out of curiosity, in search of a sexual partner, etc. This freedom of movement can help to reduce the escape rate . The GPS tracker can be used with more than one animal. It is often difficult to regroup animals after a hunting trip. With the tracker, you can easily find them using the training functions.

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How to choose your GPS tracker for dogs?

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To buy the GPS tracker that meets your needs, it is important to consider some key criteria, as can be the case with many other pet store products, such as cages to transport the dogs or even the especially antiparasitic and flea collars for dogs. We will start with the size of the plotter. It is usually waterproof, normally weighs less than 35 grams and should be used with animals over 4.5 kg. You also have to consider its price. The accessory can cost up to $ 1,000, depending on the brand and the quality of service it provides. The principle is that the most expensive models are the most efficient. However, this rule has exceptions. It is also necessary to take into account the subscription fees which can vary from 3 to 5 € on average per month.

The accuracy of the plotter is essential. Associated with a collar that operates on radio waves, the tracer enjoys better precision than when used alone. You should also consider the battery life of the GPS Dog Collar . This will vary depending on your activity. Hunters who cover a large area need more range than those whose dogs do not cover a great distance. Equipment functionality often makes a difference. The most efficient plotters have a lot of options, but they cost more. Some brands offer activity trackers that provide information about your pet's route, distance, and speed of movement. These options are very useful for professionals.

Where to buy a GPS tracker for dogs at the best price?

Amazon is a reference in terms of online commerce. On the platform you will find an impressive variety of GPS trackers for dogs. The merchant's site offers detailed product descriptions and user reviews to help you choose. You can easily compare items and buy the right one for you at a good price. The commercial site offers sales throughout the year. Then you can buy quality items at exceptional prices. Like millions of consumers, enjoy a unique customer experience.

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