Which GPS cat collar to choose? Our complete buying guide!

Let's discover the 3 most popular GPS collars for cats of the moment

Besides being useful to their owners, pets have sentimental value for the latter. To ensure their protection, cat owners employ various means. Sometimes restrictive, the tools used can backfire. Fortunately, with the GPS Cat Collar you can monitor your pet throughout the day. With this guide, you can better appreciate the accessory and make an informed decision. You can also purchase animal equipment that offers excellent value for money.

Weenect cats 2: a GPS collar with multiple functions

Weenect cats 2 is a GPS collar for cats connected directly to your phone owner. It allows you to follow the movements of your cat wherever it is. Thanks to its real-time geolocation function, it collects data related to the position of your cat and transmits it directly to your mobile phone. The necklace offers a great variety and works over an unlimited distance. In addition to tracking your pet's movements, the device also has the power to train it. In fact, you can set your Weenect cats 2 to chime at your pet's feeding time. Once your pet establishes the connection between the tracker doorbell and the food, all you have to do is call the tracker to come back at dinner time. Also, even if your pet is in the water, the Weenect collar will not stop emitting as it is waterproof.

The Weenect cats GPS Collar for cats 2 is equipped with a SIM card and a battery with an autonomy of 2 to 4 days. Despite its great autonomy, it recharges in just two hours. Like other innovative devices, the product signals when the battery level is low. It only works with Apple's Android or iOS system. Still, it should be noted that a subscription is necessary in order to benefit from optimal operation. Also, the hardware has a pretty impressive terrain analysis feature. This allows to discover your cat's favorite places . It also lets you know, for example, if your cat frequents dangerous places or if he has a love life. The terrain analysis function allows you to discover your pet's hidden garden, without having to go anywhere.

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The GPS collar for cats: what are the advantages?

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House cats are mostly animals that rarely stay still. They often spend time away from home and are therefore exposed to various dangers. They can be run over by a driver or attacked by another animal. Don't worry, the GPS cat collar will allow to receive the exact location of your pet in real time. It is the same if your pet gets lost on a walk or while traveling. Thanks to the data sent to your smartphone, you can retrace your cat's path to find it. Therefore, the GPS cat collar can be as essential as a dog carrier or a pest control collar for dogs and cats in that it is practical and safe at the same time.

In addition, the GPS cat collar automatically records your pet's movements . So that you can find out what your favorite places are and, above all, understand why you prefer one place more than others. Based on this information, you will be able to react accordingly. If, for example, your cat frequents dangerous places, you can take preventive measures. By the way, if you are watching TV, cooking, you will be able to keep an eye on it. Now that you know the advantages of this great instrument, you need to know the criteria to take into account to choose the right one.

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How to choose a GPS collar for cats?

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To buy any product, there are criteria that you must check before making your choice. The purchase of the GPS collar is no exception to this rule. The first criterion is in fact the size of the collar, a criterion that is also essential when choosing many other equipment such as aquarium water pumps for example. It is better for to choose a lightweight GPS cat collar, which will allow your companion to move easily. Also, it is necessary to check the robustness of this accessory. In fact, if the collar is not solid, you run the risk that your pet will easily dispose of it.

In addition to the physical characteristics, the precision and emission frequency of the tool should be examined. Since this is the life of a loved one, it is important to have reliable and accurate information. Your instrument should be able to tell you exactly what level your animal is on. Also, do not neglect the autonomy of your device. The latter must have a long useful life , estimated in days. If you need to recharge on a daily basis, the object will not be very practical. Also, if your pet is lost for days and days, the collar should be able to send data until it is found.

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Ordering products online offers several benefits. You end up spending energy to physically purchase the item you are looking for. Amazon offers you real business opportunities. On the platform, you will easily find a variety of GPS cat trackers. If this is your first time, use user feedback to get an idea of ​​the performance of the items. So don't miss out on flash sales that allow you to buy items at exceptionally low prices. Like millions of users, trust Amazon for countless special offers.

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