What is the best tunnel for cats?

Like other animals, cats need exercise to stay healthy. Even more so than house cats who cannot play, exercise and gain weight easily. Cat tunnels are great for entertaining a cat. They allow the animal to have fun, hide inside stimulating its curiosity. It is also ideal for the animal to exercise while having fun to always stay in shape. One of the greatest strengths of this article is that it allows the cat to play while its owner is away. But like any other object (kibble machine, cat enclosure), there are several models of tunnels for cats on the market. Therefore, it is essential to know the best model before spending money on a project of this type. And that is precisely what will be the subject of the rest of this article.

Beststar 4-way cat tunnel

As suggested by the name, this cat toy model features 4 tunnels and two layers of polyester. These make it particularly resistant to your cat's claws. Another important thing is that this material is easy to clean. Each of these tunnels has a dimension of 65 x 25 cm and a small opening of 13 cm that allows the animal to stick its head in the middle of the four tunnels. Always with the aim that the animal flourish, it is accompanied by two additional small toys. These are meant to keep the cat entertained throughout the tunnel. It is a folding model that you can easily fold and transport from one place to another. To facilitate your work, it comes with a storage bag. The latter allows you to store it when you need it. In short, it is this object that will prevent your cat from getting bored in your absence.

Tunnel for cats: PET STORE

With dimensions of 28.7 x 28.2 x 7.9 cm this tunnel is great for your dog, cat or chinchilla. It has two tunnels. The first one measures 88.9 cm by 35 cm and the second short measures 45.7 cm by 18 cm, both combined have a diameter of 25.4 cm by 10 cm. A perfect measure that is suitable for both small cats and rabbits. The great thing about this product is that there is a hanging ball-shaped toy on both, which keeps the cat entertained for hours. The PET STORE will keep your pet entertained while you go about your business. Also, it is a good form of exercise to keep you healthy. Made of polyester, it is scratch resistant and gives the animal long hours of play. You can also easily fold it up and store it in a small corner or take it with you wherever you want. So your cat gets bored at home and you want to buy him a toy? PET STORE is just what you need. It has the advantage of not being expensive and allowing your cat to thrive for as long as possible.

MEFI cat tunnel: the best of the year

Do you want to see your pet healthy and, above all, prosper every time? This tunnel of three toy cats will do the trick. First of all, it is made of sustainable eco-friendly material for the enjoyment of animals. Aims to make the cat happy whenever possible. Like the previous model, you will find in the middle of the mouth, a peephole and a hanging ball. Each play tunnel is approximately seventeen inches deep and ten inches high. Therefore, your animal has room to spend enough time in each of these tunnels. All this to allow the animal to have fun with its companions. Easy to transport, light and foldable. When the animal is not using it, you can fold it small and store it in a small corner or in transport. Either way, it will find its place perfectly out of the way. Avoid boredom for your cats, give them more pleasure …

The PietyPet cat tunnel

If your pet loves to play toys with him , this cat tunnel is for him. By himself, he has a total of 15 toys. There are in particular feathers, balls, toy mice, etc., of different shapes. With dimensions of 34 x 25.1 x 2.3 cm, this product is perfect for both small and large cats. It allows them to thrive with each other and interact with you. PietyPet is made of quality material that is perfectly resistant to scratches. Also in the same vein, each toy is made of sisal, natural wood, and many more. So that your feline can have fun without risk of disease. The best part is that you can buy the toys separately. The PietyPet Tunnel is lightweight and folds easily. Therefore, it is possible to transport it everywhere and store it more easily in a small corner. So don't wait any longer, go to the stores to get this product. Your cat can spend time there to have fun.

PAWS Road Cat Tunnel

PAWS Road Cat Tunnel absolutely necessary for your cat to thrive. It is made of two holes, a toy ball, and crackling paper. All of this to allow you to meet your independence needs. It is suitable for both small and large cats. Because it has a diameter of 30cm and a length of 130cm. Easy to install, folds up in seconds. And to facilitate its transport, the manufacturer has equipped it with a loop on the side. Finally, it is made of nylon fabric that will allow the product to benefit from a long service life.

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