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Why choose the Taurus Alpatec BABEL RC column fan?

During hot periods, the thermometer displays temperatures that are above the threshold for unbearable. Nobody knows where to put your head to take advantage of the pleasant temperatures. The solution adapted to all your needs and that can bring you comfort is still the Taurus Alpatec column fan, BABEL RC. This new generation device has many advantages that make it one of the best in its class.

Presentation of a technological marvel: the BABEL RC Taurus Alpatec tower fan

In general, the Column fan is composed of a propeller installed in a grid room and circular in shape. The Taurus Alpatec column fan, BABEL RC continues to be an elongated device inside which there is a device that acts as a propeller. It has a circular base on which the elongated upper part of the fan rests. In addition, it is equipped with an ergonomic carrying handle. With this device, the fan can be easily transported anywhere effortlessly. With its exceptional design, the Taurus Alpatec fan can be integrated into any décor.

Operating modes adapted for a well-cooled environment: the Taurus Alpatec, BABEL RC column fan

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The Taurus Alpatec BABEL RC column fan offers comfortable room temperatures in hot weather. With its swing angle of 180 ° , fresh air reaches every corner of the house. This ventilator has 3 operating modes :

  • Night mode;
  • Breeze mode;
  • Normal mode.

Night mode allows the fan to cast cool air throughout the room at low speed and in absolute silence. Breeze mode puts the room in heavenly freshness. With normal mode, quickly cool a very hot room. When turned on, the Taurus offers 3 fan speeds. With this function, the user adapts the air flow according to his needs. This device is easy to use because it has an LCD screen. Controlling its functions is not complex. Its power of 45 watts and its all-copper motor make it a powerful, efficient and quiet device to operate.

Additional functions for easier use: the Taurus Alpatec, column fan BABEL RC

Weighing 2.6 kg , the Taurus Alpatec BABEL RC column fan offers additional functions that make the user feel comfortable:

  • A remote control;
  • A programming system.

The remote control is a small device that allows you to activate certain functions of the device from a distance. From your sofa or bed with your head resting on the pillow, you can control the speeds and operating modes of the fan. The Taurus Alpatec BABEL RC column fan is equipped with a timer. This function allows the device to stop or run automatically at a precise time.

Its ease of use, its ergonomic shape, its operating modes and its quality/price ratio remain characteristic elements of the Taurus Alpatec column fan, BABEL RC and that make it a companion of choice that follows you around during hot periods.

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