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Rowenta PU6020F1 Air Purifier – Our Complete Test

One of the pioneers in the field of appliance manufacturing, Rowenta offers the general public a state-of-the-art purifier: the Rowenta PU6020F1 air purifier. This product is the result of their collaboration with the French start-up Ethera. In this guide, we will find our opinion on this purifier model.

Rowenta PU6020F1 Air purifier, high efficiency

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A great first in history: Rowenta, the famous brand of vacuum cleaners, develops a purifier that removes formaldehyde. Omnipresent in the air, this harmful substance is carcinogenic. It is also responsible for many respiratory diseases.

In fact, the Rowenta PU6020F1 Purifier has a filter called Nanocapture. Composed of small granules, the device can capture all the harmful elements in the air. To disinfect its interior, this purifier is also equipped with pre-filters, in particular the HEPA filter and the activated carbon filter. These accessories are very useful to absorb fine particles and bad odors.

According to its manufacturer, this air purifier improves air quality on a plot of 80 m2. This space roughly represents the living space of an apartment. Thanks to the intense Pure Air technology, the device can capture up to 99.9% of all allergens.

Rowenta PU6020F1 Air purifier, an ergonomic device

The Rowenta PU6020F1 air purifier attracts many users thanks to its ease of use. Its adjustment buttons are visible thanks to the indicator lights. Even in the dark, you can easily access it.

So that you can fall asleep in the best conditions, the device's LED light can be turned off at night. To meet all expectations, this air purifier is made up of three lighting levels in total.

Slightly tilted, the control panel offers better visibility for users. You will not have difficulties to adjust the different options of the device.

An ultra-practical purifier with an elegant design

To align itself with the high-end brands, Rowenta cares about the design of its devices. This model of purifier has a slim shape. Its structure is distinguished by slightly curved lines. Located on the top of the device, the LCD screen gives it a modern style.

In white, this quality air purifier is distinguished by a minimalist look. Its light hue illuminates and brings more freshness to interior decoration. More sober, this device can be associated with any style of decoration.

With a dimension of 31.6 x 26.5 x 68.2 cm, this air conditioner is ultra-compact. Weighing 8.5 kg, it can be easily lifted if you want to move it to another room.

To optimize your comfort, the Rowenta PU6020F1 air purifier is a quiet device. When it's on, it outputs only 52 dB. Thanks to the night mode, you will also have a quiet environment to fall asleep.

This purifier does not require any special maintenance. In addition, it is essential to replace the filters used to purify the air in your apartment perfectly.

The Rowenta PU6020F1 Purifier is an efficient and practical device. Your purchase is ideal for cleaning your interior.

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