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How much is the Olimpia Splendid portable air conditioner worth?

In summer, the heat can become scorching. If you are not lucky enough to go on vacation, you will have to find a way to cool off. The Olimpia Splendid brand portable air conditioner is a novelty that seems to have potential. But what are your abilities really? Discover in this guide all the particular characteristics of this equipment.

Olimpia Splendid portable air conditioner: an elegant and compact device

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Olympia Spendid is positioned by the market leaders in the commercialization of portable air conditioners for air treatment. It remains true to its commitment: to offer products with a refined design during the design of this air conditioner. With its clean lines, this model has it all.

The appearance of this appliance is like a rectangular block . In white , it stands out for its sober style. With its minimalist look, this air conditioner can be installed in any room in the home without overloading the decor.

Inspired by a classic air conditioner, this Olimpia portable air conditioner can also be integrated into an office. It remains one of the essential allies to be safe from a temperature spike.

With a weight of 28.5 kg , this device can be handled very easily . Its side handles facilitate its movement. With dimensions of 35 cm wide and 70 cm long, this portable air conditioner is ultra-compact .

Ease of use is also an advantage of this portable air conditioner. Thanks to the LCD screen, it is easier to adjust the device to your liking.

A powerful, efficient and environmentally friendly portable air conditioner

In some apartments or condominiums, it is impossible to carry out work that involves holes in the walls. The Olympia Spendid portable air conditioner represents an excellent alternative to replace traditional equipment .

the air conditioner offers several functions:

  • Air conditioning ventilation room;
  • Humidity level regulation;
  • Indoor air purification.

Olimpia Splendid portable air conditioner: its technical characteristics

Thanks to the Blue Air Technology system, Olympia Splendid Dolcelima Compact will offer you a ne cooling capacity of 8000 BTU/hr . This power is enough to cool several rooms in the house.

With energy efficiency class A * , this portable air conditioner allows' saves energy. Therefore, it is an ideal equipment to reduce the impact on the environment.

Equipped with various functions such as timer , temperature adjustment and dehumidification mode , this appliance offers optimal user comfort. Also enjoy a clean and dry floor with this portable air conditioner. The device has an automatic condensate removal system. This removes the water droplets.

But, it is mostly its volume that makes this device successful. Producing a sound of 63 dB , this portable air conditioner is ultra quiet . Thanks to this technical specificity, it is suitable for baby rooms. This is not necessarily the case for competing models.

To make sure your portable air conditioner works properly, take the time to read the manual to use. You will learn the basics and commands required to turn the device on and off.

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