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Security is a constant and omnipresent concern in the human species. Today, this need to protect yourself is felt even more so by the numerous thefts perpetrated by people without faith or law. Thus, to ensure the protection of his property and his person, man has invented many systems that have evolved in time and space. With the development of technology, alarm systems have been developed that can protect your home against intrusion. Today, they are far from being luxury devices reserved for the wealthy social class. In fact, equipping your home with an alarm system becomes imperative if you don't want your privacy to be violated and the fruits of your efforts stolen one day. Given the multiplicity of surveillance gadgets with very varied properties that can be found on the market, the wireless home alarm stands out as one of the most effective solutions to guarantee your safety. How then, without the risk of being wrong, to correctly identify and choose the home wireless alarm you need? Discover it here.

Our opinion on the ERAY WM3FX WiFi GSM 3G wireless home alarm

Do you want to guarantee the security of your home? Consider installing a wireless home alarm in your home. Therefore, you will be alerted immediately in the event of an intrusion into your home. Among the many options on the market, we invite you to discover the technical specifications of the ERAY WM3FX WiFi GSM 3G wireless home alarm.

Choose a reliable wireless GSM alarm system


Sometimes you may find yourself sleeping soundly at night after a long and hard day. Even all the noises in the world couldn't wake you up. It is precisely in these cases that you will need a home alarm. The ERAY WM3FX wireless alarm system is what you need.

Features of the ERAY WM3FX WiFi GSM 3G wireless home alarm

The ERAY WM3FX WiFi GSM 3G wireless home alarm has two high brightness lamps and emits a high-pitched sound of 120 decibels. With such a device, thieves will be prevented from entering your home. This wireless alarm is completely autonomous. Equipped with a 7.4V/2100mA lithium ion polymer battery, it runs on solar energy produced by an integrated system. Thanks to this device, this alarm saves energy, but also preserves the environment. Its batteries are durable; its useful life is 6 years on average.

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Remotely adjustable, ERAY WM3FX wireless home alarm WiFi GSM 3G is also known for its practicality. It is distinguished by its great reach. In fact, it can receive a signal from up to 80 meters linear distance. Made from a waterproof material, this alarm is designed for outdoor use. Withstands humidity and is not afraid of heavy rain. Wherever you install it, the vagaries of the weather will not affect its performance.

In the absence of sunlight, the alarm can be operated thanks to its large capacity external emergency power supply. This device guarantees its autonomy for several hours. The management of this ERAY WX3FX home alarm is accessible to everyone. You just need to activate the device for it to work.

In the event of an intrusion or theft, the alarm detector sends an electrical signal to the alarm center. The two bright alarm lights turn on and the device emits a high-pitched sound. The device will notify you immediately if a third party is present by making a call and sending you an SMS.

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Our favorite: Somfy wireless home alarm-Home alarm

Security is an area that must be taken very seriously, especially when it affects our family environment. In this context, we have tested the latest addition to the Somfy range for you. Below is our opinion on this security device.

Somfy wireless home alarm: a well thought-out technology

The particularity of the Somfy alarm is its ease of installation. It takes approximately one (1) hour for a good installation and for equipment setup on your smartphone. In other words, you only have to take one night to get started. No need to call a specialist! All it takes is some common sense and some effort.

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A Here is a device that is offered for sale as a kit. You may think this is a bad thing, but it is a bonus as all parts are retailed. Therefore, you can add an additional detector or other items to improve your security. This is even more useful if you have large apartments or large offices.

Finally, the Somfy alarm is fully connected and can be controlled remotely. Like other products of the same type, you can activate or deactivate it remotely, be informed of intrusions directly on your smartphone or even check the presence or absence of people in your home/office.

However, note that the Somfy alarm is not free from all faults. It is criticized for its limited cloud storage in its free version, but also for the lack of a connection to the GSM telephone network. Interruptions or a bad internet connection are the weak points of this device.

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What is a GSM wireless home alarm?

To begin with, a home alarm is a kit that we generally use to keep burglars out of your house and discourage them. It mainly performs two functions which are surveillance and prevention . There are two types: the wireless home alarm and the wired alarm. This last form is the least preferred, because its installation requires more work and can even negatively influence the aesthetics of your home. The wireless home alarm, on the other hand, is simpler, easier to install and use. It just works thanks to radio waves .

In each accommodation, your wireless home intrusion alarm kit

You must already notify that there is a category of surveillance products intended for the protection of large areas (case of the wireless alarm DNB4 for example) and another category that only considers small spaces . Therefore, the choice you will have to make will certainly take into account your home configuration . E It is therefore decisive in your choice. When we talk about configuration, we are referring to the way your house is built and its surface. The type of kit you will need depends on the total area of ​​your home. It is also important to ensure the safety of your entire home with a device that has a large number of detectors. For example, you cannot use the same device as someone who lives in a studio apartment while residing in a tall building. However, there are certain brands of alarms that can be modified (addition of detectors of the same type after purchase).

A GSM wireless home alarm: what criteria to use to make the right choice and be safe?

As we have noted above, choosing a kit that can serve as a home alarm is not a procedure that should be neglected. To make your choice, you must necessarily consider some criteria, which we will discuss here. They are clues whose knowledge allows you to buy a good quality kit that will bring you satisfaction. For example, the control panel type must be taken into account. There are generally two types of control panels. We have the PSTN alarm center that can be connected to a telephone network (Orange or Box ADSL); and the GSM alarm center that uses the GSM network for communication. If you opt for this power station, you only need to use a SIM card. You should know that everything works with wifi.

Wireless alarm system and mode communication mode

The choice of your wireless home alarm will depend in particular on the communication mode in which you want me to warn you.

  • The type and number of detectors : here you have to choose between the infrared detector which triggers the alarm as soon as one of the infrared waves is crossed, and the door and window detector which is activated as soon as a door or window is violated;
  • The alarm siren : you must add it to your kit at all costs, because this is the one that it will deter the thief and alert those around you in the event of a breach. That is why you should opt for a siren with a high sound level.

You are now well informed about the usefulness of 'a wireless home alarm and you know how to make a good choice with this kit. Only high-end and next-generation models can meet all these criteria. Which brand of alarm is best for you?

ERAY GT1 Kit GSM connected home alarm wireless intrusion system

Sold by Sunray FR, E RAY GT1 GSM Home Alarm Wireless Intrusion Alarm System is a kit manufactured by ERAY company. It is characterized by a very good performance. We highly recommend this alarm which has:

  • A waterproof wireless solar siren : this siren is charging by means of an integrated, economical and ecological solar panel. With “waterproof” function that ensures its operation without any problem, regardless of the weather outside, and with a 120 dB alarm with LED flash;
  • An innovative system and a new design that includes a touch keyboard, a humanized French menu and a illuminated LCD screen;
  • From a remote control : thanks to this control, you can control your alarm remotely and from three different ways (phone, SMS, remote control) is a connected alarm;
  • An anti-tampering alarm : no more worries, because the alarm goes off even when the thief Identify detectors and alarm panel and try to remove them.

This equipment has a support that can contain six telephone numbers and three SMS numbers in which the alarm center will call you and send you SMS simultaneously to notify you in case of intrusion. In addition, ERAY company offers you a two-year warranty on the equipment it offers.

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