Process and Cost of Establishing a Private Company Business 2018

Process and Cost of Establishing a Private Company 2018

What is required to build a personal company in 2018? how much does it cost? example figures costs

A guide to setting up a 2018 private company.

Who should choose the  private company : Entrepreneurs who think that the private company will have a relatively low New business Ideas volume should be preferred. You can estimate the profit of this business by looking at the income tax rates. If you think you will exceed the 20% tax rate, the limited company may be more advantageous for you  see the income tax rates in 2017.

Advantages of establishing a private company: 

– Low accountant fee

– The gradual tax system

– Low book attestation fees


The disadvantages of establishing a private company:

– The tax rate in the limited company is 22%, while in the other parts of the article, the higher the turnover, the higher the tax rate, the higher the tax rate is 20%, the higher the tax rate is  35%  .

– It is easier to transfer the limited companies.

Process of establishing a private company and its cost 2018

First you need an accountant. Your accountant may require a figure of around 500-750 TL from you for the establishment of an average person company. Besides this you will have an accountant fee of around 170-425 TL + kdv per month. Source: ISTANBUL FREE TRADE ACCOUNTANT FINANCIAL CONSULTANCY ODASI . The number of jobs is accounting for the accounting fee.

– Your accountant will fill out the start-up form

– 2 pieces of population wallet

– 2 places of residence (can be obtained from the owner) 7 TL / You can get free on the state.

– Signature declaration is around TL 100 from the notary

– For the accountant to follow your business, the proxy is around TL 100

Apart from this, if your business is rent, if you own a lease contract, a copy of title deed is required.

For rent contracts, a stamp tax will be paid at a rate lower than the rental rate line.

You can also pay 1000-1500 TL if you need cash register

If you are required to register in the Trade Room according to your business line, you may be close to 1000-1500 TL.

Stamp: around $ 10

Your book must be signed between $ 150

You have to pay for a bill of 250-300 TL on a budget – for collection receipt and envelope printing.

You can learn from the relevant institution showing the variability of the cost of the work spirituality.

Revenue Tax Applicable to Out-of-Wage Income Recipe 2018

Income Slice   Tax rate
Up to 14,800 TL   15%
TRY 34,000 for TRY 14.800 and TRY 2.220 for excess   20%
TL 80.000 for TL 34.000 and TL 6,060 for excess   % 27
More than 80.000 TL, 18.480 TL for 80.000 TL, more   35%

Note: The figures for the cost of installation are given for preliminary information which may vary. You can learn the current net figures from your accountant.


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